[sugguestion] Auctions that are completed be removed from the auction tab.

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Is this a good Idea?

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Other, explain in the comments 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. As the title says I think auctions that are already finished and paid for be moved to either a different forum or removed completely, I think clearing auction log so we don't get dozens of pages full of long past done auctions would benefit the new rules as searching for auctions wouldn't be as hard on as advertising and bumping for auctions is currently disabled.
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  2. I think this is already a thing. Auctions that finish get removed from the Auctions page and put in the Archived Auctions page. Because this has to be manually done for each auction, some of them may get missed and remain in the auctions tab

  3. Hmm, perhaps it is. Maybe make it a tad more "automated" perhaps add an way that the forum creator can manually move it after being paid? I genuinely didn't know that was a thing, I don't use the auctions all to much and I just remember the old page had like 30 pages and the new one is already on its 3rd page and a lot have been over for several days.
  4. There can always be an improvement to something can't there?
  5. A way to make your auction easier to find is to report it and say something like completed auction.
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  6. Maybe closed auctions can be removed from active auctions tab and be moved to an archive tab, for record purposes.
  7. This is already the case.
  8. As has been stated, this is already done. Auction hosts or winners can report the auction thread to have it archived when the auction is completed. In addition, staff periodically go through and clean up the section and move finished auctions into the archive.
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  9. Oh 0_o haha, well cool :)
  10. It's interesting how people apparently don't notice this. :p