Suggestions: Sticky cursor & Ghast swawn time

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  1. Can we please have an 'are you sure' pop up box when dropping something from your inventory, or at least from the bottom 'tool' row (or maybe the option to have it )? Myself and I know of a few others have lost good gear (god bows, tools, etc.) whilst moving items around inventory, or putting into chests etc. There has been a bit of lag lately (month or so?) that's making the cursor 'sticky', where sometimes (ok, half the time/randomly) the response is a second or so behind the mouse click which causes items to drop on ground rather than where you put them in inventory.
    Most times I've noticed my gear on the ground (that I just moved) but occasionally I haven't for some time - and its gone.

    Also in the nether, any chance of reducing the spawn rate of Ghasts just a bit more? When out there farming, kill a Ghast to get it out of your way, and its only a minute or so (sorry haven't timed it, but its quick) until it returns, don't want them gone, just a little more time after killing it please?
  2. I'm not even sure that's possible...
  3. The pop up about dropping stuff is just a terrible idea, just either put your drop key to another letter/symbol or just be more careful. And I have nothing to say about the Spawn Rates.
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  4. What he's saying is how you pick up one item to place it in place of another, only to close your inventory and have it drop on the ground and you have to do it again.


    Tried it, it pops the other item back in that spot and drops the item still, it usually takes two or three tries to do it.
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  5. That happens to me a bunch but that's not a reason to make a drop pop-up (impossible without everyone having a mod btw). I usually just move my curser around to make sure that there's no item that got lagged :)
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  6. Every time I drop an item I get a warning? no!
  7. My diamond ore disappeared yesterday on eclipsys drop party, so, I don't know what it was, but maybe I also accidentally dropped it. But a pop up box? No. That should not be a good idea, it will get irritating fast and doesn't really belong to minecraft. Do you have to click yes all the time?
  8. There is a big difference between placing an item on the ground and dropping/discarding it, god knows we wouldn't want a 'are you sure box' if you are placing an item (ie; building something)! But obviously you all must drop/discard/throw away items from your inventory a lot more than I do to not want this so much.
    It was just an idea based on the thought that they prob wont/cant fix the sticky/lag problem.

    Anyway, what about ghast spawn time though? any one against that one?
  9. Yeah, ok, I also think ghasts come back pretty fast, I sometimes don't even bother trying to kill them anymore:), but I think it just belongs to EMC nether, and isn't going to be changed.
  10. And there goes another God bow - whilst working on my res, fell out unnoticed sometime in the last hr... Time to use normal bows now...sigh...
  11. But how do the bows just fall out of your inventory without you noticing it?
  12. it sort of sticks to the cursor, and it doesnt always happen (thats the tricky bit) and there is actual a few different things it does but they are all simular. Hard to explain but will try:
    1/ move item from one spot to another i inventory and sometimes it doesnt stay where you put it, or reapears on your cursor, forsing you toclick again to try and place it in inventory slot. Sometimes this can cause a frustrating cycle as it seems like it sticks to your cursor and wont place.
    2/ reapears on your cursor a sec or so after you have successfuly placed it in inventory slot.
    3/ as above but you didnt notice as you are busy, it you happen to be clicking away from the inventory box or closed it when you item apears on your cursor it drops on the ground. When playing its like- happily building away as normal, then notice one of your itms on the ground in front of you (or beside/behind/sitting in a pit/behind a wall/etc).
    In all cases i suspect lag. Where the i have placed the item bit the server didnt get that command or gets it late.
    I have noticed and picked up many of my dropped items but obviously not always...
    And it doesnt happen all the time, if it did i coukd deal with it, but its random. Some times you can go an enfire day without it.
    There is another alternative- as the items i have lost ive not seen drop on the ground I can only assume its me who hasnt noticed them, the Lternative is that god bows are just disapearing from inventory as i have lost two and iamkatru has lost at least one. I cant recall loosing anytbk g else other than god bows- but i cant imagine that being the problem and assume coincidence.
    Anyway i know its hard to fix lag, hence my sugestion to have a 'are you sure yiu want to drop/discard/throw away that item' box.
  13. It is your internet connection. How often do you shut down your computer? I lag a lot if I forget to shut mine down.
  14. Use your number row at the top of your keyboard. No mouse clicking needed. If you don't know how to use it, try Google, I suck at making tutorials. :oops: