[SUGGESTIONS] Inter-Server chat and/or PM's

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What channels should we have?

Supporter chat become inter-server with inter-server PM's 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Make an inter-server town chat for all players with inter-server PM's 3 vote(s) 25.0%
Make supporter chat inter-server, and regular chat global throughout a single server w/ PM's 5 vote(s) 41.7%
Supporter chat become inter-server without inter-server PM's 1 vote(s) 8.3%
Make an inter-server town chat for all players without inter-server PM's 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Make supporter chat inter-server, and regular chat global throughout a single server w/o PM's 1 vote(s) 8.3%
  1. I found this BungeeCord plugin that could be used(or modified) to create inter-server chat and private messaging. A new inter server chat channel could be created, or supporter chat could become inter-server.

    But I really do want the ability to send PM's between servers. And it is possible :p

    What are other peoples opinions on whether we should have inter-server chat?

    Link here: http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/cloudchat.266/
  2. I personally find the options in your poll rather confusing, so I'll just explain my opinion here.

    I would like to have inter-server PM's very much since it would most definitely come to use.
    It should include frontier/waste on inter-server PM's too, since we can PM from town to frontier/waste already.
    However, I do see the possibility of a rupeedrain here. What if it costed only 5r per inter-server message send?

    tl;dr. Make it happen :)
  3. It'll be nice if you were pming a friend on like smp3 and they went to smp9 The thing is if you send them a pm and they have laggy internet while they are switching they may not get a message you sent while they where switching otherwise +1
  4. Bump!

    I know the poll options are confusing, I was tired :p
  5. This has been suggested multiple times before. Even back when there was no bungee. I think aikar is planning something for it but it is on aikar time.
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  6. Do not suggest plugins and this has been suggested many times.
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  7. The plugin is there to show that it's possible. And that people have done it. And it gives Aikar the options of using(or modifying) it so that it doesn't take as long to release.

    And I'm also suggesting inter-server chat, because I've only ever seen suggestions for PM's.
  8. yeah i liek the intraserver pm idea. i think that intra server supporter chat would get crazy tho
  9. For town chat it will.
    200 people talking at once.
  10. more because supporter chat tends to get spammy when people are having conversations on a server

    across servers it would be insanity with three or four convos going at once
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  11. Cool plugin! I am not going to give the standard answer "Don't request plugins" BUT!!! coincidentally many of the features of this plugin align with some of the things Aikar plans to do with chat. Namely /tells will be able to be cross-server, option of cross-server chat channels, but also the ability to enter/leave channels.

    Unfortunately we couldn't just slap this on top of our current plugins due to how EMC chat works and its logging through Square.
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  12. Yeah, not that there's 200 people online at once at all...
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  13. With Aikar's advertising there will be and there can be an upwards of 200 people online at some times
  14. what about group and pms cross server?
  15. This is what this thread is basically about...
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  16. i feel the same.
    i think possibly intra server group chats / pm's would be best thou
  17. I meant to say what about just group chat and PMs for cross server chat options
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  18. Groups just cant work cross server, no way to make that happen as they are temporary.

    However when Empires are properly established, that chat can be linked.

    I have plans to do this, but I can not use any plugin, as those plugins pretty much take ownership of your chat, which means it would undo the entire empire system...

    So we have to code this ourselves, but its not too difficult, just gotta find the time.
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  19. :D
  20. I'd like it if I could have lists of people for that empire chat thing you mentioned :3 would be cool to have in general for private just not ever for town or supporter. We don't need global chat either xD