Suggestions for the Server. :P

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  1. So.. This isn't to encourage other servers or anything... I just think some ideas from other servers could be used to make this one better.
    (1) I think there should be a head shop. A decorative head shop, where you can buy flower pots and little diamond blocks and stuff like that. I personally like to decorate my house with heads but there isn't really a place to get them. Unless you kill yourself.
    (2) I think that there should be crates. Maybe where you could win promos or armor and weapons. Or maybe even spawn eggs. You could get keys when you vote..(more people would vote for the server) I don't know but crates in general are pretty cool.
    (3) It'd be cool if you could sell things at the shop at spawn because it's hard to find a shop that actually lets you sell stuff at.
    This was just to suggest ideas. I think it's be cool to add all theses. But it most likely won't happen anyways. :p
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  2. 1) There are several places that sell those types of heads.

    2) This would be too OP and then these keys would be sold for outrageous amounts, and this would cause scamming problems.

    3) The shop will probably never buy things from the players, because there are player shops.

    Just my two cents. :)
  3. Aikar has coined the idea of the shop buying things from newer players
  4. +1 I like this idea, even though I'd never use it myself. I know there are several special ('reserved') heads for decorations, so... seems like a good plan.

    -1, I think this would put waay too much burden on the staff. And I can't help think it would go a little against the whole idea of mining & selling. If you mine ores in the waste then you can go to shops to sell those, that earns you rupees. Which you can then use to buy other stuff (promos and weapons for example). Of course you can also sell those items yourself in your own shop.

    This seems more in place on the eventually planned game server I think.

    Again -1. Problem is that if they'd do that then it would also determine the price of those products, making it much harder for players to trade for them. In fact it could seriously affect the economy and not in a good way. Why sell it to a player if you can sell at shop? Yet this is exactly how some players keep their shops going: buying & selling.

    But a tip: /v +directory

    It doesn't work on all SMP's but many have that. A residence dedicated to the shops on that server, and it will have teleports to them. More than often it also roughly divides the shops into categories, which should make it easier to find shops which also buy items.