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I think that there should be on application where you get unlimited recoucses to build stuff to publ

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na 11 vote(s) 91.7%
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  1. I think that there should be on application where you get unlimited recoucses to build stuff to publicise the server WHOS WITH ME LOLOL
  2. wuts the point of the whole survival part of EMC den? :confused: -1

    (Is this a joke?)
  3. ;-;
    An application? You could try creative on single player...
    Really though, was there any point in this?
  4. No.

    • That would take the survival point of EMC away entirely.
    • This wouldn't 'publicise' (is that even a word?) the server in any whatsoever.
    • What's a recoucse? ;)
    Try going into single player and playing in creative mode...
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  5. This is so stupid, that I'm wondering if he is just trying to "joke around"
  6. kind of. But in the 2 comments youv posted on thev both been negative
  7. i like being with my freinds and i was just SAYING
  8. We aren't being personally offensive ; surely you don't seriously consider this a real suggestion?
    After all, it more or less totally defeats the purpose of survival. However, if you're considering a seperate creative server, be more specific :p
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  9. wow i might quit emc just because of the members here I love the staff but your just being mean
  10. I
    I do i thought it would be cool and read above
  11. No you're just attention seeking.
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  12. no no im not
    WAIT that is what i mean
  13. This suggestion box area is only for serious suggestions, we have rules here, we're all up for a laugh but something like this isn't really what we need in this area, we're not trying to be mean, we're just trying to help you :)
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  14. Ok, Im just putting this out there to yah [ don't tale it personal, no one on EMC is hating on you, just telling you why this isn't on EMC ]
    Ok... you have to think of this
    - Its a community survival server
    - People would abuse this power in giving them selves about 20 DC of diamond blocks, DC of anything to be exact

    Now about you saying you'll "quit EMC because of us", bruh, thats just as offensive to us than you think we are to to you. How would you feel if a player PM you saying " I quit because your on"? Its very offensive to the player your talking to so please just respect what others say about this topic and not get mad over ones opinion.

    Conclusion: This might never be a feature to EMC.
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  15. I am being serious just none likes it
  16. Im sorry
  17. Its hard to take you serious when you put "WHOS WITH ME LOLOLOL" at the end of it
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  18. It's not that anyone has anything personally against you, or anything like that. The reason many people are saying they don't agree with the suggestion is because EMC's whole point is that everythingish on it is gained legitly, and that no-one's able to spawn items in. After all, EMC's a survival server. :)

    Plus in the past, this has been turned down multiple times, so that's why people are saying that it won't be added.

    Seriously, don't take negative feedback as a personal attack. Just look at it from the other person's perspective on why they don't agree with the idea. :)
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  19. Fixed that for ya.

    Anyway, let's not be so hard on him. Will this ever become a feature? No, and I'm sure of that... on the normal servers at least. There's always the chance EMC will have a creative server. Personally, I don't find it likely though.

    Instead of calling a suggestion a joke, point out why it's not a good idea.
    - Takes away the survival aspect of the game.
    - An application will give everyone infinite materials, because they'd just give them away.
    - EMC would no longer be an economy server.

    Please read the suggestion box guidelines, to everyone who called this suggestion a joke. Shame on you.
  20. Thank you so much DJ
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