[SUGGESTION] You Should get rid of the players that quit the server

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  1. The players that quit the server on smp3 are very irritating. When I do /v random, all I get are people that have signs saying, "you can create a shop like this!" I'm just EXTREMELY annoyed by this and I really want this fixed
  2. Their residence will be reclaimed as they are needed. Depending on their activity directly following the tutorial it will be probably around 30 days before they lose the residence.
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  3. New player derelict policy is 10 days for those that quit right after joining. The system will make sure that these residences are cleared as needed.
  4. Ok, thank you for looking at my post. I just get really annoyed because whenever I do /v random, I just see those signs. Whatever, I guess I'll let you mods deal with it! :3 C Ya Later Chickaneer and Happy Easter!!! :D
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  5. Also, thanks for responding kryssyjane9191!
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  6. BTW, I know that you wouldn't just do this but my friend Techfilmer (diamond supporter) really wanted your head because he's making a drop party res (on his 3rd res, SMP3) and he was collecting everybody's heads. So far, he has a DC full of heads and I was wondering if there's ANY POSSIBLE WAY, to get your head??
  7. Large events that I hold often have 1 or 2 dropped or earned.
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  8. Ok, will there be any coming or should I not know?
  9. Ok, will there be any coming or should I not know?
  10. There is a handy EDIT and DELETE buttons if you made a mistake
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  11. Events are held on a regular basis and are always advertised on the home page of the website as well as in-game. Each server has different events, most common is mobarena on smp5 so from what ever server you are on you can do /server smp5 enter then when your there do /v mobarena. On smp8 the Games are being held, these will run up to the finals in July so ever week end is a different event, special meddles are won for this. To get there once on smp8 do /v emcgames.
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