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  1. Hello all emc friends I would like to give an idea to emc not a big one and not a small one at all (has to do with griefeing)

    Befor I say it I would just let you guys know why I'm posting this-today on smp4 I was griefed :(

    It's started with me finding a marlix and calling 3 friends (or so I thought were friends) to help me kill it, once we did one of them picked up all the loot and didnt want to split iw with me at all (he just gave it to his friends.

    Then I told them fine leave me alon if you don't even want to split the loot for what I found and hit 59% of the time

    So I went off hunting and found a momuntus within 10min I didn't want to tell them that I found it but everything failed in my face when I died, and what do you know the 3 so called friend found were I died and as I was comeing to get my stuff back one of the friends got all my stuff (I was 14 blocks away from we're my stuff dropped) and split it among them all and they went and killed the momuntus will all my god tools and after that I was begging them to give me my stuff back and what do you know they said NO :(

    I reported them for griefe but what do you think I didn't know EMC on like other server's some staff told me has no rule a to were players have to give back the drops of a died player that's willing to go back for his stuff, witch I think is griefe

    So please help me out here admin and make it an emc rule so other player's don't go through what I did and/or get pissed or stop playing emc

    (I had 20k worth of god armor and tools)
  2. I believe this falls under the stealing rule:

    2. Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Do not steal from other players, even if you find an unlocked player chest in the wilderness or if you have container permissions on another players lot. If you are caught doing so you will permanently banned.
  3. Yea that's what I thought but 2 staff have told me no

    Edit: this is my I'm writing this, for an admin to see and help me out
  4. Once I read, part of the survival aspect is dropped items are free
  5. If you died without PVP, there is no rule against them not taking your stuff, but it is considered quite rude if they don't return it upon being asked.
  6. I was 14 blocks away from my stuff I saw it and they ran there befor me :(

    Edit: if you want to know what items I had PM me
  7. Looks like i may be wrong lol
  8. Keep the posts comeing I will read them all I'm the morning and hope it becomes a rule
  9. If you really want to know if this is against any rules, I suggest you consult ICC.
  10. Already pm'ed him ;)
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  11. something like this happened to me. a fellow user(i don't remember his name completely) I met out in the wilderness asked me and my friend if we wanted to find some enraged mobs. we said yes and followed him into a cave.

    we go to a ledge over looking a pool of water full of enraged mobs(8-10). while I was shooting at them he broke the blocks from under me and I fell into the pool only to get mauled to death.

    when I returned I headed straight for the now empty pool but i couldn't find my items(complete enchanted diamond gear). my friend was arguing with him saying she saw him take my stuff. he said he didn't need to give me back anything and then headed back to spawn.

    I think the no stealing rule should be enforced.
  12. I have asked staff before about similar situations, and items on the ground from death are fair game as far as I know
  13. In that case taking from unlocked chests should be fair game
  14. I would consider this PvP, but very difficult to prove since it is your word against theirs. If they were stupid enough to mention their actions and the consequences in chat or via /tell it would a slam dunk case. I would be interested in taking a closer look at this player please PM me with more details.

    Items on the ground can not be considered as being stored and will despawn after 5 mins of being in a loaded chunk. Items in a chest have been purposefully stored and will not despawn.
  15. Honestly the pvp is taken too far already.

    I'm not even allowed to make a dual layer obsidian vault with a layer of lava in the middle

    I would put signs all on the outside, do not touch, build by g26curtis

    If someone tried to greif they would be showered In lava, but b/c that's considered pvp I'm not allowed.

    That would be so effective. The only way someone would die is by greifing. They would probably have time to move and then not try to get in.

    With just a dual layer of obsidian It wouldn't be greif resistant

    Drops should be fair game, it is not good how so many people are rude and don't give stuff back

    That guy who dug under you, report him b/c that is pvp
  16. That's genius...
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  17. It's a great tactic, I use in pvp all the time and non pvp servers, but can't use here

    Also no one can glitch in with a boat, minecrat or ender pearl b/c when they do they end up in the lava layer
  18. i mean in most cases its either let it despawn/take it so you cant make a ground item rule.

    its rude but not rlly against the rules. personally i have accidentally blown up unlocked chest in the wilderness (some people put them in the dumbest places) found out whos stuff it was and locked a chest for them but i could of just taken it.
  19. Here. This will not be implemented any time soon, but it's now on Aikar's list of things to do.

    As the rest of the Staff team has told you though Storm, there is no rule against someone picking up a dead player's items. Some players are nice, and give things back, but they are not required to.
  20. oh sweet, ill be able to tell whos stuff it is now and not have to pm errybody!
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