[SUGGESTION] World Earth day promo

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  1. Basically, when you mine dirt or grass blocks, the dirt block it drops will be named 'Earthy Dirt' on World Earth Day. If you place it and mine it again you still get the same name. If you place it and mine it not on World Earth Day, it reverts to normal dirt. It will have no special qualities, it is purely to commemorate World Earth Day. Also, the dirt in town will also be called that. I have some vague ideas for auctions. It should be auctioned in at least 1 DC, because it is extremely easy to obtain: just dig dirt. Also, it should be 100% Earthy Dirt, not a mixture of normal and special. I myself see no purpose for this, but I think dirt should be respected. Edit: 25% drop chance.
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  2. *face palm* it's just dirt
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  3. Earthy Dirt
  4. Hmm... we already get a lot of promos, but I do sort of like this. However, I definitely disagree with the 100% drop rate. This would simply not bode well for the economy if people tried to sell such common items for high prices, and it would make the item a lot less special.
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  5. Good point. I'll change that...
  6. Despite being an interesting idea, I think we've got a lot of promos recently and I don't think we need to be constantly rewarded all of the time... If you give out a promo for one event then people expect it the next year. If we kept on adding events and holidays to the list, then we'd be getting a vast amount of promos in ever short spaces of time.

    I like the idea, but there's simply so much around already in my opinion! :)
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  7. I like this idea 8) it involves my favourite thing on Emc, getting more rupees
  8. Why not a Sapling instead of loads of dirt? It would be much simplier and probably much better than dirt... I mean... What is life on earth without the trees right?

    Thats just a suggestion though...
  9. I am not saying:
    You must sell it!
    I just thought it would be helpful to put down some possible guidelines.
  10. Great idea! It's a shame I just wrote all of that...
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  11. Well err... considering i had 0r earlier i will sell it anyway :)
  12. Also this can kinda break the economy... We don't want a economic crisis do we? I think people can get promos but not LOTS of it... Remember the more promos you give, the more cheaper they get... So Yeah... I kinda agree with FDNY21.
    Also as FDNY said, We already got a lot of promos recently...
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  13. We already have Aikar for that :D
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  14. Dude, just because Aikar is the admin doesn't mean he can make magic and fix the economy at a glance. Same way that for a president to fix the economy of a country... It kinda takes some time...
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  15. So, sorta like special dirt but other then just being re-named it'd be custom named?
  16. Our idea now is a Sapling... No longer dirt XD
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  17. lol
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  18. why not make it where when u place it, it makes a dense Forest around u? Like 20x20 block.
  19. Yeah, I can say right now this won't be happening. Sorry.

    We've had WAY too many promos in the lines recently (still need to get Aikar to remove the Pot of Gold from shop). We can't celebrate every single holiday with a promo.

    HOWEVER, there may be something available VIA /promo that would encourage the spirit of Earth Day, but not be a special item. At least that's what my other personality said...
  20. He means Aikar will destroy the economy without our help ;)

    I like the idea, but agree that there have been too many promos lately.
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