[Suggestion] World Cup Promo

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  1. I just believe that the World Cup is such a huge event that we should do something to celebrate. Possible idea would be a dyed leather tunic that represented a certain team. Im not good with the idea itself but I think since this is a world renown event we should attempt something :)
  2. +1 From Me. Whats your favorite team?
  3. We just had 3 promos why do we need more?
  4. This is the most watched sport in the WORLD so I could see this happening
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  5. I can make a the item itself just tell me lore and enchants
  6. Okay? That doesnt change the fact we just were lucky enough to get a lot of promos, I dont know why we need more for something that isn't a holiday or a promotional event.
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  7. The world cup isnt starting soon. It starts in June. Also the fact that is once every 4 years might help too.
  8. Even though it is a very wide spread sport, I do not think it is the type of thing EMC would celebrate.

    Here is something I rustled up just for a bit of fun though :rolleyes:
  9. I like it! It's a possibility though. We've had some weird promos. It might be a possibility.
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  10. The olympics happens every four years as well and is a world event, no promo for that.
  11. Okay I will make the item itself now :p
  12. Let us fill EMC with Promos this way those that spent money on previous promos can't save up for the next one...
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  13. I find it funny how he wants a World Cup promo yet his sig is a soccer player falling down :p
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  14. Why not give us a normal tunic that we can rename and dye? And have a lore and enchants etc. :p
  15. Didn't we just get a new promo? :)
  16. Just a FYI, I will be holding a competiton for the World Cup. It will be free to play and you don't have to be a big football fan to join, just a bit of fun really and a chance to win some nice prices :cool:. I will have more info soon! :)

    And yeah a promo would be nice, but we do have a lot, I think the more we seem to get the less special they become.
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  17. Seems interesting :D
  18. Fortune III? Really? XD
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  20. Well for sword of udder justice, there is cobwebs that have a reasonable touch for the sword.