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  1. This suggestion is for the Chat Wiki. I've been trying to find the formatting on the left side of the chat. This much I know: <channel> - <server #> <name>. However, there's something new: [<3+ letters>]

    So the suggestion is this:
    <channel> - <server #> <[nickname]> <Name>
    Channel is the letter of the channel you are on (see below)
    Server # is the number of the server you are on,
    [Nickname] is the nickname of the player (limited to so many letters). Here's the link on how to get a nickname: *******
    Name is the name of the player posting the message.

    The biggest part are the nicknames in square brackets. I've looked over the forums and the wiki and I cannot find anything about them.
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  2. If you're referring to the new 4 letter max tags that can be any color before peoples names in chat and on the player list those are Empire Tags. Empires are a new form of group and all you have to do is pay 25k to create one or join and existing one. The tags are just a way for people to see your active empire
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  3. Ah, I see. However, my suggestion still stands and there should be a link to how to get the empire nickname.
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