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  1. Hi folks!

    After asking a few other people their thoughts on this and, of course, checking the wiki I decided to bring a new suggestion to the table. Why not allow book titles and head names be displayed in item frames? This would remove the pesky use of signs as well as being helpful.

    When given a player written book, I like to display it for sentimental reasons, but often forget the title and who it is from. The same goes for player heads and would serve as a useful reminder.

    Thoughts, questions, and/or criticism? Post below!
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  2. Doesn't this already exist?

    I'm confused.
  3. I don't think books are if they have their original title, now if a player renamed a written book that'll be displayed for sure. I'll double check with one of the books I got during the V-Day event.

    EDIT: Can confirm renamed written books display, regular written books do not.
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  4. Only if you manually renamed the book
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  5. Nope, it's like renamed items in a frame. When you hover over a book or head the name doesn't appear.

    Edit: Lol, was beat to it.
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  6. Heads too?
  7. Yep
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  9. I was also a bit confused at first but I can confirm as well: when placing a book in an item frame then it doesn't show the title as you'd get when placing a renamed item. Being somewhat of a writer myself (and knowing several others) I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of others who would like this.

    For example; having Hashog's Inkstain display on an item frame in my shop would look so much better than a mere preview sign (even though those are pretty cool too!).

    So yeah... In case it wasn't obvious already:

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  10. Got a bunch of books that I'd like to hang on my trophy wall, but can't cause their names won't appear and I don't want to rename them. +10
  11. +1 Would be great.
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  12. 1+ :p I renamed all of the heads in my storage so people could see the names ( took me like a sc of XP bottles)
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  13. +1

    Would be good not being forced to rename books & heads :rolleyes:
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  14. +1

    You save 1 level (for renaming) or 1 sign per item with this ;)
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  15. +1

    cool! told u ppl would probably like it. congrats on 1st suggestion! ^.^

    i dont like heads so dont care 4 that but i think ur book idea is really good!
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  16. +1 Gr8 Idea