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    I was wondering if this could be implemented? :)

    As of now the /who command displays 'Staff', 'Supporters', 'Regular' and 'Guest in tutorial'.

    Well I was wondering if we could add where each player is located on the server.

    For example:

    Staff (2): jungle-fever, wildFeelings

    Supporters (10): creeper-hugger, diamond_boy, adventurer_man, ghast_killer, zombie-slayer, zombieMan, zombieWannabe, obieWanShinobe, theBanker, theVillager
    -Town (2):
    -Frontier-Wild (4):
    -Frontier-Nether (0):
    -Wastelands-Wild (3):
    -Wastelands-Nether (1):

    Regular (8): squidLover, jungleBoy, StretchArmHopper, LeverMan, RedstoneGuy, GlowstoneBaby, SkeletonEyes, SpiderBoy
    -Town (5):
    -Frontier-Wild (2):
    -Frontier-Nether (0):
    -Wastelands-Wild (1):
    -Wastelands-Nether (0):
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  2. It looks like it takes too much of the chat.
    EDIT: Plus /p Name shows where they are
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  3. Another Version
    Staff (2): jungle-fever, wildFeelings

    Supporters (10): creeper-hugger (Town), diamond_boy (Town), adventurer_man (Wastelands-Nether), ghast_killer (Wastelands-Wild), zombie-slayer (Wastelands-Wild), zombieMan (Frontier-Wild), zombieWannabe (Frontier-Wild), obieWanShinobe (Frontier-Wild), theBanker (Frontier-Wild), theVillager (Frontier-Wild)

    Regular (8): squidLover (Town), jungleBoy (Town), StretchArmHopper (Town), LeverMan (Town), RedstoneGuy (Town), GlowstoneBaby (Frontier-Wild), SkeletonEyes (Frontier-Wild), SpiderBoy (Wastelands-Wild)
  4. hmm... I think this would be cool with the above, but maybe something like this would work better:
    /who town
    This would make it show only the people in Town, the same format as before.
    All other worlds would act the same way such as Shop and Wastelands.

    Only an idea, don't hate xD
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  5. Using /c who when in town chat will accomplish that brick.
  6. Honestly /who is already spammy enough. You can press <tab> to see everyone online and then you can just use /p to find the location, a lot more efficient :)
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  7. Hmm interesting idea but you can just use the /p command to find out where people are. And I don't know why you would want to know where every single person is on the server at one time. But not a bad idea.
  8. Also, the live map highlights everyone on a specific worlds name.
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  9. Well, what about the other worlds such as Wild?
  10. use the live map :p the ppls names will show in white
  11. It would take up a lot in chat but it would only be visible by you and only when you use that command.

    I like that idea. The main reason for this request was for more options and for those players who like to play in full-screen mode.

    Nice! Good to know.

    The main reason for this request was for more options and for those players who like to play in full-screen mode.

    Also sometimes when I'm in town I greet people with a 'Hello' and sometimes receive no response and this could be due to the fact that some people in town are usually afk, have chat turned off or are in an other world.

    So having the option to see who is in town and other worlds lets me know that the peeps in town are in fact afk, chat turned off or simply not that friendly of a person. :p
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  12. /c who while in town chat will show you only those that will see what you say, so it will effectively tell you who has their chat off as well
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  13. Would it not be simpler to say /p Name, or just @name if they do not respond to you Town Chat??
  14. Yes. It is simpler. Knowing now that /c who tells who is available in chat is quite helpful but it still doesn't address the issue of playing in full-screen mode.

    I just like the idea of seeing where each player is on the server without having to view the live map because having to exit out of full-screen mode to view the map every so often can be quite tiresome.
  15. /p name TELLS you where they are ( waste, wild, town ). You can, as far as I know, type in full screen mode.
  16. So can I do /p squidLover, jungleBoy, StretchArmHopper, LeverMan, RedstoneGuy, GlowstoneBaby, SkeletonEyes and it provide all of that information for each one or do I have to put a name one by one?
  17. One by one, why do you need to know where all of them are at once? Just type /p s, then tab to the name. It is not that big of a deal.
  18. Well I see it as a live map in text version. :D

    Doing /p s, then tab to the name is not the big of a deal but having one command would reduce a step and make the EMC command experience more pleasant. :cool:
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  19. I just find this rather useless and chat spammy.
  20. So I'm needing some staff input on this possible update. Looks like only a select few like the idea why many more dislike it.