[Suggestion]When res reclaimed by server transfer all items on the res into your vault

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  1. hey guys so i have had this happen to me multiple times but i think it would be nice if something happens and you go derelict if the server reclaimed your res it transfered all items on that res into your vaults or something let me know what you think
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  2. What happens if you reset the residence yourself?
  3. well then you should have already got the stuff off of it as when you reset your own residence it's not accidental so you should already have gotten everything off of it
  4. this is just if the System resets the residence
  5. i believe i saw something in the dev tracker about this :3
  6. awesome i hope so
  7. I was asking because if this happened for self-confirmed resets that would mean the technicalities behind it would already be in shape, and it probably shouldn't be too difficult to implement this.
    If it hasn't been implemented anywhere yet, it will probably take some time before someone gets to it.

    I can't find it.
  8. Well you would have to have a lot of free vault storage for it to work.
    I had my storage res getting derelict (it was my alts res) and I have no way near that many vault pages to store the doublechestst of stuff I lost.
  9. We plan on doing something different with residences that go derelict, by saving the residence itself for import to another plot at a later date. The idea will be the same as what you suggest in that it will save items that would be otherwise non-recoverable.
  10. Woah, that would be amazing!
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  11. yes that would be awesome