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  1. It'd be nice for the EMC website to have a EST clock on it, though not very useful for you people in the east coast, it is for someone like me in Britain. It would make things like keeping track of when my auctions end A LOT easier.

    ...that's it lol

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  2. You can change your time zone on the forums and everything will be converted to the proper time zone here.

    There is a time conversion clock with most major time zones at http://time.emc.gs.

    There is a clock on the front page with EST/EMC time (Empire Status sidebar).

    Would any of those three things solve the issue? I can't say I really understand what you're asking.
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  3. Home page
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  4. The clock shown there is EDT time, but he wants EST time.
  5. As far as I know, EDT and EST time are pretty much the same, but used in different seasons.
    EMC Time alternates between EDT and EST.
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  6. No, no... that's EST... It certainly is 4:53 PM right now...

    EST is Eastern Standard Time (UTC--05:00). This time is used during the winter, when it's not daylight savings.
    EDT is Eastern Daylight Time (UTC--04:00). This time is used during daylight savings.

    They're both Eastern Time Zones, but they're just used at different parts of the year. We're in EST right now.
  7. I understand now. Thanks for the explanation!

    EDIT: I thought it meant European Standard Time for some reason :p

    In that case, as Stone said, your clock is already there .
    Tip: change the timezone in Preferences to your timezone. This will set all the times below forum messages to your time
  8. I meant in the header or something, so it's on every page.

    It's just more convenient
  9. Like I said, just change your timezone :)
  10. You should be able to set your timezone in your preferences so that all the time stamps show up in your local time... :rolleyes:
  11. Yet another derp moment from yours truly >.>