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  1. Intro
    Hello everybody as you all know EMC will be having many updates in the future that will encourage players to go out into the wild and build bases/town. With this in mind I suggest that warp signs be added. Looking over Jack's suggestion directory thread I did not see any suggestions about this but it did mention to not suggest anything about /home or /back but this is completely different then that. If you feel like its not then I'm sorry for the inconvenience to the moderators who have to remove this later :).

    I havn't really go into details with what sort of commands it would have but I'll try to add that later on. Right now I want to keep it simple.

    Basic Idea
    Basically warp signs will cost you X amount of rupees to place. I was thinking of having something built in EMC as a central area where all the warp signs are. If not, just putting it in our own residence is fine. Using warp signs would also cost player a small amount of rupees.

    Now to determine where the warp signs would take you I was thinking you can do something beforehand like using teleport pads where you have to go to that area and put in a command first before placing the warp sign.

    Now I know some of you will hate this idea. For what reasons? I do not know but, think about it. If you are going to build something awesome in the frontier, wouldn't you want others to see it? What happens if its to far? People would be to lazy to travel thousands and thousands of blocks out. But with warps that won't be likely. Warp would also make it alot easier for those who have towns :).

    Biggest concerns people have? Probably the griefers. My warp idea is intended for after dragon egg features are added into EMC (I heard there will be land claiming in the wild/frontier). But to address the problem of people who won't have protected land is to not make a warp sign to their place. Or keep the warps signs very hidden in your residence :p? Thats all I can say.

    Feel free to comment and add on to this idea :). Hopefully this will be added.

    Add-on suggestions by EMC community
    Warps signs available only to claim lands - Stad
  2. First of all: First
    Second of all: Nice idea :p
  3. This sort of thing has been suggested before. It is possible that this kind of thing will come around when dragon tombs come out. But for now, it really removes the adventure of travelling through the wild. If someone got access to your warp they could go direct to your hidden base and grief it.

    So yeah, probably not going to be added for a while.
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  4. If this idea has been suggested before I did not know, sorry. I took the time to scroll through Jacks directory and could not find it.

    Edit: Also I realize that it will take a while if its accepted. This is why I mention it being implemented after the dragon egg features are added :).
  5. Well, ideas like it have. Not one exactly like it. But wild teleportation etc. it's all been suggested.
  6. It seems like this would remove a lot of difficulty out of the wild. For instance, if someone has a warp out in the wild, they could bring resources back really quickly, by putting stuff in an enderchest, killing themselves, taking the stuff out in town, and then warping back. Almost instantaneous transport of resources back to town might hurt the economy.
  7. Isn't this coming with the dragon update? With a dragon egg you can claim land in the wild and to TP there you can type a command to go to the claimed land.
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  8. I suggested it :D
  9. NO. If you were mining, and you could just do /spawn, all the fun of the game would be taken out of it.
  10. This is a warp sign not a command. People would still have to go back to the warped sign they place in their base to be able to warp back to town. I guess this is a problem for some people who have similar opinion as yours but for most it will be taking away a problem of traveling for 10minute + to get where they want to go.

    @jeanz if they do, awesome :)
    @cddm Yes I realise there are potential abusers out there but I don't see it ruining the economy. But I guess it would take out the "fun" for most people :rolleyes: and or difficulty.
  11. But the 10 miniute + travel is part of the "adventure!!!"
    Notice I put it in quotation marks.
  12. I quite like how you are encorporating payment of rupees into both construction and use of the idea ;) Honestly I don't think it would cause to much havoc however only having warps to claimed land may be better ;)
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  13. Not if you are going through a secret portal then having to wait ten minutes while the minecart takes you along some tracks to the location...
  14. I see where you are coming from but hey... who said you need to use it :p? If you want the "adventure!!!" you can travel 10min to get where you want to get instead of using warp :). For some, if not most of us, it will save time.

    Prediction and response to your future post
    You: Well its there we might as well use it.
    Response: Alright, then use it :). But you still don't need to ;o.

    Thats a good idea ;o I'll add this to my OP.
  15. This has been discussed before, and was given a "under no conditions will this be added" promise. This is part of what defines empire minecraft as "French vanilla"
  16. Im pretty sure with the dragon update you will PRIVATELY be able to teleport to your base from town and vice versa.
    Of course, you'll have to. Kill an end dragon first :p
  17. I'm sorry but I don't understand where you have come to the conclusion that riding a minecart is a feature that has been promised never to be added... As far as I am aware riding minecart is already a vanilla feature and defines the empire as accepting French Vanilla features.
    It'd be nice if you quoted me in reply as to what exactly is unvanilla about riding a minecart in the frontier wild.
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  18. In addition to the above, let's put this into a troller's scenario..

    *Paces sign on res telling people to step on the pressure plate to check our their frontier thingy*
    *Player steps on warp pad*
    *Player falls into troller's death pit which has a hopper at the bottom*
    *Troller logs in and enjoys PHR33 diamonds (or whatever the player had with him)
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  19. *troll gets permabanned for PvP*
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  20. "The teleport destination is no longer safe." It's what the res tp's say. Surely that could be used for this, too.