[SUGGESTION] Warnings At The Frontier Spawns

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  1. So, on my way to my frontier base, I noticed a noob's house, built directly outside of frontier spawn and blown up by an enraged creeper who was still there. This noob, from what I can tell, left EMC that same day, because they instantly used their only materials to build a house out on the frontier that was quickly destroyed by mobs they were not prepared for. So, my suggestion? We place a warning, in the form of either chat notifications or floating text that states:

    WARNING: The Frontier can be dangerous! Bring extra food and armor and know that your creations can be destroyed by either players or mobs Or: WARNING: The Frontier is recommended for more experienced players! It is advised that you have a house in Town first before advancing further into the Frontier.
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  2. Although I agree I think it's hard to do more here. In the tutorial EMC already clearly advices players to go to town so that they can talk to others. The sign says (reading while writing): "We recommend starting in TOWN so that you can talk with others".

    Then again, I now also see this sign: "If you want to go exploring, go to the FRONTIER". And: "If you want to learn as much as you can proceed to TRAINING" (which is what I did when I first started).

    I do think there's room for improvement here. But still: it's not as if players can get insta-killed when they enter the Frontier, also don't forget about the starter armor and tools.

    But I do think that it should be a little more clear that you can only teleport and use "town commands" within the secured area.
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  3. Yeah, some kind of more clear warning on what they can and can't do in the Frontier and Wastes is kind of important. I've met more than a few new players who get trapped in the Waste and thus quit EMC because they didn't know they couldn't just teleport back and thus went out really far.

    Evidently the idea of using the livemap or remembering your way back isn't conveyed well enough by the sheer number of times this happens, in the frontier and wastes
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