[Suggestion] Warning in the Wastelands

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  1. Could a warning be set up when you get close to the edge of the allowed area in the wastelands? My player keeps getting stuck in the not allowed further edge, and I can't get out.
  2. Better yet, the staff could just place a giant bedrock wall there. Can anyone think of a reason not to?
  3. True, didn't even think of that!:) Any kind of block/warning would be fine with me. My character has been freaking out for the a good while now, and I have gotten no where lol -_-
  4. Hm... how far from the edge are you? It might be possible to give you some ender pearls via a "rescue mission"
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  5. Or they can just put an invisible wall like in town…
    As in the one JustinGuy replaced a BEDROCK wall with.
  6. Or better yet * dresses up as 72volt * lava walls.
  7. cactus wall?
  8. i agree, i've gotten used to just using the live map to avoid this though
  9. There is an invisible wall... however it likes to get people stuck in it...

    I believe Aikar is working on stopping the wall being quite as... urm... sticky?
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  10. This is why building a wall out of slime chunks is bad :3
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  11. Thanks for the offer, but I am in kind of an odd spot... I was glitched in a flat area, but then it glitched me on top of a hill next to a river -_- I will attempt to give myself enderpearls with an alt, I would rather not risk getting someone else stuck with me :p