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  1. Hello!
    Well as you can tell, I am new to the EMC forums but not new to the server. I have been here for a while I think since December if I remember correctly. But anyways, as someone new to the forums I would like to suggest a staff position that really seemed to help in the last server I played.

    The last server (Pokeballers Pixelmon Server if wondering) had a position called [Helper] and it was basically used for answering simple, quick questions. The server had a couple of these "Helpers" on each server and it seemed to help a ton. All the new people got questions answered and had a better experience. Another thing they did was they got to TP around to other players to help out and check out something if the player wanted help with it. This position would only help out other staff members more so they can just focus more on serious problems as in player problems.

    Well I just wanted to suggest this position because it helped the last server a lot it seemed to me. This, of course, would only be given to trusted players and experienced ones in the server. They had a application system but that was just them. I was suggesting this because, to be honest, I would love to have a simple, small position like this in the server. I have played EMC for a while and have enjoyed playing and now I would like to help out others in the server.

    Well I hope you think over the idea and I would love to fill the position. Thank you for reading.

    - Agent Turtle
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  2. I suggested this a while ago and received a ton of negative responses.
    Their main argument was that everybody is a Helper.
  3. Most staff help that players require need more than just common EMC knowledge. It doesn't and shouldn't take a title to help other players with common knowledge questions and you'll find that a lot of our community members already do.
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  5. The two main problem I see with this is the title and TP abilities. TP abilities are not handed out without great trust. If the trust in that person's judgment skills is high enough to get TP abilities, they they are likely ideal for normal mod positions. With a title comes issues with authority. While all players here are treated the same (it really depends on how much you have experienced/know), ask any long time supporter and they will confirm that they have their little group of fans that practically worship them and ask for wisdom. This just comes from a simple name color change. Adding a title would be a whole new level of people looking up to someone who doesn't actually have any authority, which causes problems.

    Anyone can help out anyone else in chat if they want to. TP abilities are not required, and it is much more beneficial to someone if they figure out their own problems (build wise) than if they constantly rely on others to do the thinking for them.
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  6. Alright, Yea I agree with the TP abilities. Well I just wanted a way to help ig. Thanks for the responses!
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  7. Another thing, but this is just my opinion, is that we already have something like this in place <points at the title under his name>.

    The members of the contribution team are just regular players like yourself with the main difference that we're busy maintaining the wiki and blog, but are also helping out players. Although we're not recognizable in-game we are on the forums.

    Considering that a majority of players spend most of their time in town I also don't really see a need for any special features because every player can teleport to someone elses residence. So if someone needs help then there's nothing stopping you from doing just that.

    Although I don't like the suggestion I do hope this doesn't discourage you to come up with more suggestions in the future. Because without suggestions, even those we may not agree with, we'd get stuck eventually.
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  8. Actually, your job as the Contributor (If I am correct) is to maintain the Wiki and occasionally make blog posts.

    It is under your free will to help other players, it is not your job.
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  9. And to "strive to be a source of knowledge in all things related to Empire Minecraft" :D

    Trust me; this comes from a very reliable source ;)
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  10. As I always say, it is everyone's job to help everyone out, whether you're Staff, supporter or just a regular player. Usually, if I give someone a kind, firm warning about character spamming (which, I tell you, is a very frequent happening) they'll respond with either "k" or "Who died and made you admin lololololol". Although it might work, it is already everyone's job on the Empire to help out one another and I think we're already doing a great job at it. :)
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  11. lol i remember liking your suggestion :)
    I could always see this happening

    *player drops multiple F-Bombs and starts raising hell*

    *no staff are online* (there are a lot of times when no staff are online)

    Yeah, how i see it is, Everyone can help with players that need help. But Every situation can get out of hand. If players start "Dropping F-Bombs and raising hell", there is nothing any regular player can do about it to prevent it. Yeah, if the entire server /ignored the player, but lets be honest. I garuntee that won't and does not happen. Like when players cuss a lot in town chat, the entire server does not ignore them. They usually tell them to stop and report them and wait to see a punishment so they can laugh at their stupidity.

    *still no staff online*

    *still still no staff online*

    *player leaves and even if they get punished, it wont matter.*
  12. Empire Spies? :eek:
  13. Totally agree ^^ :cool:
  14. In my experience, the /report function usually gets a staff member online if the situation is cereal enough. I haven't needed to use it (luckily) in awhile, so the quality of staff respond time may have dropped - although I do doubt that. I think the main problem people have with players dropping f-bombs and such and not having anything done about it is because they're not using /report - either because they somehow don't know about it, or forget about its existence.
  15. Not sure whether that was on purpose or not, but I like it a lot.