[Suggestion] voting streak and vacation

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  1. in a couple of weeks i, and probably many others during the summer are going on vacation, and then probably would lose all their voting streak.
    are there any possibilities to have a "vacation lock" on the voting streak?
    maybe that we could pm a staff to announce our vacation time?
    and maybe limit it to one time during summer?

    it would almost seem to be pointless for me to continue to vote if i know i would have to start all over again when i come back home.
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  2. i would like to know the same thing , going on vacation next month.
  3. They do this for derelict protection I'd assume they could do it for this too.
  4. I like this idea a lot and I dont see why it can't be a thing. If you need someone to vote for you though I can.
  5. No, we don't offer this sorry.

    Aside from the fact there is nothing currently in place to lock voting streaks, there is also that vote streaks are really not as an important thing to keep as residences. Vote streaks can be regained easily, reclaimed residences can't, which is why we have derelict protection for residences only.
  6. 2 months of voting every day isnt something that i would consider easily regained.
  7. Agreeing with allengero here. Those with higher streaks of over 50 are very likely to stop voting if they loose it due to having a life :\
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  8. I agree, this should be a thing. It would encourage people to vote more after they get back from vacation
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  9. Well, depending on how long you might be away for, you won't lose it all. (You get almost 3 days before the streak even starts to go down). And then there's that you can increase your streak almost twice a day (16 hours), so yes, easily regained, (I didn't say quickly, but certainly easily).

    When you compare that to losing years of work and potentially millions or rupees put into a residence, you can see why derelict protection on residences should be more of a thing, (not forgetting voting resets the derelict timer, so get voting people :cool:)

    The idea mentioned above of getting somebody else voting for you, is also good :)
  10. I don't know about others, but for me I usually go away for a month or two during the summer to visit my grandparents every year. It wouldn't be much of an issue for me since I can easily use 4G on my phone, but the situation may be different for others.
  11. I think this is a great idea. Loosing my vote streak would be a bummer.
  12. Definitely a good idea. I don't think that the streak should go up, just stay were is is.
  13. I remember something similar happened to me when I got sent off to a camp for four weeks, on another server that had something similar but just with continuous playing. I came back and the streak was gone.
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  14. The thing is though, we won't get votes when we're away, whether our streaks locks or not. I think I'll get someone to vote for me.
  15. That is why it is not op.
  16. If you would like, during the time you can't vote, I'll vote every day, but use your username instead of mine so that you can keep and even increase your streak without voting.
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  17. or if you just want to lock it, you could vote for him every 2 days. So it's him -> you -> you -> him -> you -> you -> etc. The system will pretty much neutralize his streak the whole time.
  18. How about a fee to have X amount of days to not vote.
    Example, say if it was 100r per day.
    I pay 700r to freeze my vote streak for 7 days while I water ski in the Sahara Jungle.

    Once you pay the amount to freeze your voting, voting will not increase your streak until the time period ends.
  19. Bit OP, *pays 36,500r and doesn't have to vote for a year*
  20. Added a part. Sheesh.
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