[Suggestion] Voting Reward Mail Can Be Received In Wild

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by azoundria, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. The current voting reward system is unusable by wilderness dwellers because you cannot claim your reward unless you are in town.

    Again, this is only voting rewards, and not regular mail because I know how that could be abuse to transport stuff long distances.
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  2. Can't you already do this? I feel like I've done it
  3. No, you can not recieve any form of mail in the wild.
  4. Wonder what I'm thinking of
  5. You may be thinking of the promotional items like holiday picks. Those can be gotten from any location.
  6. What are you saying no to, and if it's my suggestion, why are you saying no?
  7. I think he's on a No streak just like DJ says k and ... He said no 2 times on my profile :p
  8. the title of this is misleading
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  9. Yup I also thought you could do this in the wild ask a staff to put (suggestion) before the title.
  10. I would approve of such a title change. I have sent it to staff via the report feature.
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  11. I would suggest setting up a poll next time to track the feedback.;)
  12. Please remember to add further input when posting in this particular forum, other than just "No" :)
  13. Huh? I thought you could actually mail to the wilderniss :p
  14. No you cant receive mail in the wild
    No you shouldnt receive mail in the wild (unless youre a supporter)
  15. I think that it isn't a bad idea. If there was some way to allow just voting bonuses to be claimed in the wild it would be useful and fair. We don't get to chose our voting bonuses so people would not be able to send stuff for almost nothing out into the wild. I live in the wild, it is annoying to have to trek back to town just to get boots that never break (which are really awesome).
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  16. Receiving mail in the wild is actually planned but with fair limitations.

    We have to consider the main 'problem' with receiving items while your out in the wild: Having to take the time to travel back to town and then back to the base.

    So, time is the main 'cost' you pay with by living out in the wild to accessing Town goods.

    That being said, it only seems balanced that you could receive items by mail while in the wild if you still pay the time price.

    So, my idea is to have 1) Rupee Fee and 2) Time delay for receiving items in the wild.

    General thought is to have a 5 day delay, but we could shorten it for Empire Minecraft sent items to 2 days.
  17. About the longest I have to travel to any base I play at is about a half hour. If I dump a set of armor into lava and need another to continue whatever I've been doing, I'm going to collect up whatever mined items and drops I need to move to Town then spend the next hour or so moving.

    I'm not going to want to have that five day wait control what I do out there for the next week and an Ender Chest is as safe as Mail. A Rupee premium is fine, but unless mail saves me some time, I really don't see a good reason to add it as a feature and think there are better things to spend development time on like DT if it is going to be crippled like this.

    When this was originally proposed, I saw a lot of possibilities beside the obvious mining pipeline. Being able to send myself Diamonds for repairs, moving equipment around, sending myself oddball crafting ingredients, easy to forget items like netherwart for potions, sending emergency items for rescue missions... The wait just kills the usefulness for me. I'm better off using the same resources I have used all along.

    The only thing I can think of that I might use it for would be to send something to someone else who is in a location where I do not want to go. For example, if I were in the Wild and wanted to send something to someone who is also in the Wild on the same server but I did not want to leave my location I would consider using this if they accepted the delay. Most likely they would just run into Town though.

    As far as voting rewards goes, I could use the Diamonds in either Town or the Wild, but in the Wild they are worth more to me to be able to use them for repairs. The voting rewards that are equipment like swords, I don't use anyway since they are worth more unused and I generally cannot repair them. If I were going to use them, it would be in the Wild not Town and since I have to get them in Town, they just sit in a Chest and I do not use them.
  18. Huh? The voting rewards that are equipment like swords don't break, right?
  19. I was thinking more along the lines of promos like the Turkey Slicer when I wrote that. Not the same thing, but my thoughts about it are about the same.