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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by LtCaptainMe, Sep 16, 2015.

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  1. I checked and didn't see it on the already suggested ideas, sorry if I missed it.
    So how it works is at vote bonus 500-700 or somewhere in there you get a voters vault slip.
    Once a day you can use the voters vault slip and open your voters vault(which you can only open using that slip). You can open your voters vault anywhere using that slip. So lets say I want to take some stuff out to my wild base. The first day I put all the stuff in the vault then travel out there, and then second day I can open it and get my stuff out.

    So that's my idea, please tell me what you think about it.

    EDIT: Maybe you could use 10K tokens or so to increase your voters vault pages?
  2. Hmm.. Pretty cool idea, but I would only use it if it was a redeemable item, not something you had to keep with you all the time.

  3. There is no need for this. When wild claims come out you will be able to tp to your base. And this could be abused in so many ways.
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  4. ? Taking it to the wild is basically the whole point, it's like a chest you can fill with stuff and actually take with you. I really like the idea of expanding it for 10k tokens too. It should be hard like he said, at least 300 vote streak.

  5. don't think this is to soon, da bump
  6. I spoke to krysyy about this as I thought it might be nice if for an outrageous price we would be able to open a SC screen that we'd be able to open in the wild/nether etc.

    Long story short -1
  7. I like this idea I cant for the life of me think of how it would be abused if implemented the way the OP said. 500-700 vote bonus means they would be pretty rare and a dc of stuff every two days to the frontier or the waste is a nice little perk. In the future we are supposed to be able to teleport to our outposts from town do they would probably end up being more of a collectors item like most of the special items. Also, in the future has been said for about three years so that point is a little moot until it happens :-P

    Shiny ender chest? :)
  8. I agree with Gawadrolt that it may just turn into a collector item, and it couldn't really be that abused. I might just sell it and make a rail way back that could take 10+DC at a time. So I don't really think it could be that abused
  9. Yea, but if someone is about to die, they could open it, and put their stuff in so they don't loose it. And its supposed to be Vanilla.
  10. Wipe it upon death?
  11. naaa, I would say only open if not in combat in the last 5 minutes, sorta like what they do for difficulty changes
  12. Maybe if you use your voter's vault within a minute of dying, the stuff inside of it drops upon death?
  13. *sorry to go off topic* This is for sure?


    This would make things alot easier IMO. Plus if the above is true it would be obsolete.
  14. I kinda like this idea.

    You can also log out when you're about to die ;)
  15. That requires a votestreak of 500 though. :p

    I'd rather have a voter's sack or something. Right click to open a 9 slot "chest"
    With that, it would be soulbound. About to die? Odds are, you don't have enough time to pack what you want.
  16. Yes, Confirmed, as that is why they are adding so many res flags, and getting ready for it.
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  17. closing as plenty of reasons mentioned above.

    Empire's will solve it with teleporting, but still retain survial as you still have to return to your base to do the teleport. Just a "2k travel" vs "40k travel" difference.
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