[SUGGESTION] Voters mule/horse/donkey

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  1. i think a voters mule should be added

    it would have the trait of when it dies, it returns to your stable being unkilable like the tools and armor are unbreakable

    that would be the only cood thing about it, it would have good health, maybe 30 health or so
    but the speed and jump would be bad, maybe 70 and 50 like normal donkeys, or maybe that stats could be COMPLETELY randomized upon spawning it.

    leave your idea on how we could make this less op and still happen!
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  2. nah, I think it's kinda useless
  3. Same
  4. Ooo, Voters Horse.. What bonus would you get it? But overall +0 :)
  5. I like the idea. :)
    I'm just wondering what would happen if it died and your stable was already full?
    Would it be egged?
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  6. possibly yah good idea
  7. same
  8. I like this idea
  9. I think Voters items should be kept strictly to tools and the like. Once you get into the entity territory, there can be lots of unfairness that can be created by giving somebody any kind of non-item benefit in the game.

    I think horses and such are fairly easy to obtain in the first place to begin with with breeding, so a Voters version wouldn't really make a huge difference anyways for the benefits that it brings.
  10. We have enough horses from promos and they're even a tutorial item, I don't think we need a Voter's one too. I think it's easy enough to get a good horse.