[Suggestion] Voter's gear ideas. Voter's melon, Voter's Anvil?

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Infinite watermelon slice for voter's should induce...

Nothing 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Hunger! 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Weakness 5 vote(s) 45.5%
Fatigue 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Weird hallucination effects like portals 3 vote(s) 27.3%
Blindness? 1 vote(s) 9.1%
All of it! Better hide well before you chew that 1000 year old melon! Who knows who touched it befor 4 vote(s) 36.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I have a couple suggestions today for new Voter's one time rewards. My first one is...

    Voter's infinite sweet water melon slice. (Or cookie. Cookies are my friends)

    The idea here is to use to least saturating and hunger replenishing food item (melon or cookie, can't remember the least filling) and make one a Voter's infinite food supply.

    It might sound overpowered and I want opinions on the subject.

    My point is that those 2 food items are a pain to consume since you end up eating about 10 every 30 seconds of work or running. If you can pull up with that pain, here's a survival Voter's slice of never ending watermelon. Yay! Keep eating!

    To offset the OPness, it could even induce a debuff for a fixed amount of time after the last eaten slice.
    What do you guys think? Mostly harmless and funny no? I would love having a piece of melon with my name on it lol.

    Next idea.

    I actually think it is OP and already dissapprove myself so its more for the giggles and for open discussion hahaha!

    What about a Voter's Anvil? One that cannot be given away this time and cannot be used by others either.
    It's too complicated to implement in a "vanilla" build since "Umbreakable" applies to items and not blocks.. So.. Nevermind the no shareable stuff and maybe like that pocket crafting table that opens up from the hotbar.. That would be neat I think.

    Same could be applied to a pocket heater to cook your food and extract your ore on the go.
    Voter's Pocket Furnace lol.

    Voter's Pocket Brewing station,
    Voter's Pocket enchant table...
    Voter's Backpack! (Portable chest that drops content on death like inventory)

    Ok, i went too far in my ideas!

    Let's focus the +1 -1 on the Voter's Watermelon only.
    All the rest is for discussion and giggles only.

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  2. If you keep adding more, you wont have inventory space snymore =P
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  3. Of course. The wisdom to choose your gear for expedition vs leaving enough inventory space for your findings..
  4. Honestly, an unlimited melon slice is too far away from vanilla minecraft. Sure, it could be handy, but you would get a melon every time you die, it might be too op. :/ Sorry, -1
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  5. what you mean is that you would always have that melon after death right?
    I know, it sure sounds OP..

    that's why I open this discussion to find a balance suitable?

    like if you had lvl 10 weakness for 1 full minute or even 2, that would make you an easy target for that time being. I really think it "could" be balanced somehow to make it work.

    Over course be free to have a different opinion but I am curious as what would you impose on that melon for balancing. how far could we make it debuffing or restricting on its use to make it viable as a Voter's gear?

    Having said weakness 10 debuff could render the melon's use strictly for travel while avoiding everything that hurts since you would basically do close to no damage at all whatever the sword you have...

    open your mind to the wonder melon and giggle with us for a while.
    can we apply a "mending"enchant on a stackable item? it could be what out how much melon you eat or you loose it, but leave it alone and your stack will comeback slowly? ...nevermind, I answered my own question: split it infinitely, spread the joy.. no good at all

    let's keep thinking here..
  6. Melon! :p This won't be OP! :p

    :D Add nausea. :p
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  7. there ya go! :D
    you see, that watermelon slice, its a lie, its always been a cookie! that's because I am the official Rep of the "Chocolate Chip Cookie Alliance of the Stubborn Carb eater".. We are very serious about details. We lured you into our trap and now you're stuck with infinite cookies lol.

    Cookies would make more sense since melon slices can be crafted to seeds and you loose it.. too much trouble.

    Everything spoken about before applies to cookies.
  8. +1 infinite melon slice

    Infinite cookie would just be ridiculous.
  9. I do usally say cookies two times a sentice (ony wrote it ones) so I think I whould like it that way... and how about a 10 min cooldown-time so you can only use it when you do really need it (like when you're running through the waste and you are out of melons, and it's to far to walk back without eating)

    +1 from me, well, almost :p

    EDIT: It's the final cooldown, the final cooldown. or whait, that isn't the right lyrics, Is it?
  10. Lol. That would be cool a cooldown hihihi

    Eat as much as you can, once you let go the munching key, cooldown kicks in.. I like that