[SUGGESTION] Voters elytra

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Should this be added?

Poll closed Apr 11, 2016.
Yes 22 vote(s) 73.3%
No 2 vote(s) 6.7%
I doubt they will add this. 7 vote(s) 23.3%
They will probably add this. 7 vote(s) 23.3%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Streak obtained: 350
    Attributes: Soulbound, Final, Unbreakable, Voting Reward

    Let me know what you think! :cool:
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  2. Elytra is supposed to be, well at least I'd like it to be a very hard to get end game item (see what I did there :p).
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  3. If this would to be added, should be added at 700.....

    IMO, all these items everyone wants added in for voting is too close together, and toboot they are over powered, they should be spread apart....

    Plus would like to add, most are past 350 bonus already, haha
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  4. I already got mine :)

    ... just too bad that this isn't on the Empire but a singleplayer world :D (and I'm too lazy to get NBTEdit to add those colourful names & tags).

    But I agree that the voting bonus should be waay up there. 700 at least, maybe even 730 (full 2 years worth of voting).

    By the way, you can make one yourself using this command:

    give @p elytra 1 0 {HideFlags:5,Unbreakable:1,display:{Name:"ShelLuser's Voters Wings", Lore:["Unbreakable","Soulbound","Final","Voting Reward"]},ench:[{id:34,lvl:5}]}
    For the record: it's unbreakable for real (that's a vanilla feature) but it hides the automatically added flag. The enchantment (id 34) is Unbreaking but doesn't do anything other than to give the Elytra a shiny look.
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  5. I was about to do this but switched to a Voter's Shield at the last moment because it is much more doable and less op.
    +1 to the idea, but I seriouspy doubt they will add this thing, since unbreakable on an elytra is way too op.
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  6. How about 500?
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  7. +1

    I don't think it would be added, but it would be nice to get one of these at vote bonus 700 or even 1,000.:)
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  8. Voter's items are, in general, designed to be good but have some kind of drawback when compared to crafted/enchanted items. This way people always need to craft and buy new items. That's why voter's armor is leather, voter's sword is sharpness I and voter's pickaxe efficiency I.
    Both elytras and shields have no different grades of materials and enchantments, so there'll be no drawback. Once you get an unbreakable elytra/shield you'll never need another, or will never need to repair it. That's bad for the economy in general, so I don't agree with them being obtainable.
    Instead, you guys could ask for diamond voter's armor or diamond voter's gear with different adds (silk touch pick, knockback sword), that would make sense IMO.
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  9. Shields are super cheap, one probably costs about 8 rupees, that wont ruin the economy. =/
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  10. Yeah, the shields are pretty cheap to make (one iron and 7 wood if I'm correct) so are really less of a problem when compared to elytras.
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  11. Maybe shields at 500 and Elytras at 1k?
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  12. WOW WOW WOW, the elytras are a ton rarer then beacons and should be sold at max:30k, min:15k, note:this is what I think as I found the End Cities have a very little chance to be found. so yeah. But with the vote stuff I like it ;)[/quote]
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  13. [/quote]

    This isn't prices, this is at what streak you should get a voter's elytra/shield .-.
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  14. Any sign of any new voter items on the horizon, Aikar? Any hints as to what maybe coming if so? You're doing a good job! I see there's a ton of stuff going on EMC, and then you got real life stuff. I'm sure, we are all very curious about hearing a status update though. In the mean time, I'll keep voting, it's the least I can do.
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  15. Voters wings? Huh sounds cool! If the do plan on adding this (but it would take some time though to fix bugs and all)
    I might be a skeleton terror in the skies! :p And I think in order to get them a reasonable voting requirement would have to be 450. And possibly voters shields might be good for a voting number of 400 in my opinion.
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  16. ... I guess I never noticed, but does Aikar ever like anything on the forums? You know, with the like button? Have I just not looked hard enough? I think I'm sleepy. This is my sleepy thought post.
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  17. Aikar will usually only reply to posts and stuff. :rolleyes:
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  18. This isn't prices, this is at what streak you should get a voter's elytra/shield .-.[/quote]

    lol k :D