[SUGGESTION] Vote to change the weather

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Should this be implemented?

Yes 6 vote(s) 17.6%
No (Explain) 28 vote(s) 82.4%
  1. Hey guys and gals,
    I have a suggestion with you today. This would be a suggestion for the Wastelands and Frontier. A vote would take place after the weather has naturally occurred. A little message would appear for all players in the Frontier or Wastelands. Each vote would only be for the Frontier or Wastelands. The player vote would have to be > 50% of all people in that part of the server. I don't know about everyone else, but I hate the rain and snow. It slows down my computer and becomes super annoying. What do you think?
  2. This takes away from the vanilla experience for me. I say no.
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  3. I advocate, but under stricter conditions.
    a) A player can submit a vote with a reason: NetherWorld666 nominated to toggle downfall for reason: My computer is slow and this hurts my fps.
    b) The vote must gain 2/3 or more of the support to pass, simply because a 50% margin is too unstable.
    c) a vote may only be submitted every 15 minutes (Average length of a Minecraft rainfall).
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  4. If the player is the only one in the given world, I think the weather should change instantly, though. :p
  5. If you get Optifine, you can turn off/hide the weather
  6. I say no, mainly because rain/snow/lightning are all vanilla parts of the game. Most of the time it's a pain, but generally you can just wait for it to go away. While voting for weather to be turned off may help some people's performance, it would probably require much more work on the server side to run the voting mechanic. Besides that, you'd have to develop a system for which parts of the wild get rain and which don't, and that would require a major re-working of the game code (I think).
    I recommend installing OptiFine if you haven't already - it helps reduce lag caused by rain and other things.
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  7. I really don't like this idea, its the same as /weather clear in single player... and you don't want that now do you >.>
    next thing you know people will want the time changed...it'll be anarchy
    and on a realistic note, you can get texture packs that remove the rainfall overlay if it causes that much of a problem
    In my experience I prefer rain every so often, it extends the dark time for spawning of mobs
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  8. Solution:
    Get a better computer.

    If the rain is annoying just disable the sound.
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  9. It's a bit of a hassle to install mods, which is why this suggestion was suggested.
    Computers cost money.

    I would think that this suggestion would be based more towards Town, rather than the Frontier and Waste. The Waste and Frontier are made to be dangerous, and rain and snow are natural elements, adding to the danger. In town, however, you're supposed to have fun and stuff. Also, only one vote at a time should ever be going on, of course, only during when it's raining or snowing.
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  10. Interesting how Majority says no ;P
  11. Optifine has an Instant install I believe.
  12. I think that this would be best in town because the rain has no effect on gameplay there.
    As for your problem, try optifine. There is a reason everyone is recommending it.
  13. Then vote no
  14. Perhaps we should vote to disable all hostile mobs in the wild next! Down with those block-stealing endermen!
    ...yeah, no. Weather is a part of Minecraft - as others have said, just use Optifine if it's really that unbearable.
  15. Mmm no.
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  16. Just turn it off. All you have to do is download optifine. ;)
    And also, there are good aspects to rain, such as fishing.
  17. Yes it does. You just download the jar, when you double click it, it takes just a second or two and automatically installs, when you start Minecraft you'll see something like this, meaning that it's installed.

    To turn off Rain and Snow, go to Options> Video Settings > Details > Rain and Snow set to OFF
  18. for everyone just saying "no" or "yea, no", "negative" or anything along those lines (the usual one word answers), simply vote in the poll.
    No one needs to hear it unless you want to explain yourself k?
    As for this thread, well I think that it is a good idea, however I think it'd be a bit spammy to see the "vote for *weather condition*" messages in chat. :3 Perhaps a pay to change is a better way to go about this.
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  19. At first I thought I'd be ok with this. I don't mind the weather, but if someone else does or it caused problems for them, I would not mind helping them out.

    Then I realized that if one person wanted the weather changed and the other people playing weren't voting their way or were afk, we might be getting pm's bugging everyone to vote their way.

    I remember playing on another server and having people nag me constantly to sleep instead of working inside through the night or just plain dealing with the mobs. It was usually pretty annoying when I cooperated because I'd go to bed and someone else wouldn't, so I'd decide after a few minutes to go back to what I was doing, then they'd say they were ready again. Sometimes we'd go back and forth like that all night. It was a big waste of time and quite annoying if someone insisted that we all sleep.

    This is a bit different, but I can see where it would likely result in nuisance behavior from some people so it would probably be best to work through it as suggested upstream by trying to optimize our individual setups using things like Optifine rather than a cooperative solution like this.
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