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  1. So have you ever been part of an organization but need somewhere to put the funds? I do and I think that we should have virtual banks that you can store your money in so you don't spend it.
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  2. Or give it to an alt
  3. Yeah but I use my alt a lot in town which means purchases.
  4. Then keep the money on your main account. :)
  5. I also use that XD
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  6. I guess the force isn't strong with you. USE YOUR WILL POWER...
  7. I try its just there are so many great things to buy...maybe this thing could just be a limit on spending like you can't go below 30,000 rupees.
  8. Don't i know it. I guess it just comes down to what you'd like to do with the rupees. I've set my mind on a prize right now and i'm saving until i can afford it.

    So i think as long as you have an item or an auction of sorts to keep your eye on the prize. You'll be less tempted to buy that shiny promo that's in a shop, or on the forums.

    I've stopped going to shops for that very reason. Find something you need to save the rupees for and stick with it.
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  9. Consider this practice for real life. Show some self-control.
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  10. All i will say is use an Alt.... I use an Alt as an Bank, one as my main, one as a Shop, one as a Mall, and one as a Savings (If i need an amount to pay to someone for a service... EX 800k)....

    There could be many glitch vulnerabilities with this from dupping, to missing to even worst.
  11. *cough* What about people without alts *cough*
  12. EMC could have a hotline call center. Krysyy can talk you down from that insane auction bid.
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  13. #LetKrysyyTalkYouOutOfHotlineBling
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  14. +1 I like the idea. It would definitely help to reserve money for other things, maybe even allowing others to access it as well for ease of use (for example in shops).

    I agree with the others though: an alt can help out. But it can also cause problems; sometimes the rupees can make them self aware and then you'll need yet another way to store your money, because the alt now refuse to do it for you :D

    Or maybe I should just have gotten stronger coffee, I dunno ;)
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  15. +1 ive always liked this ideas
  16. +0 I am in the middle here. On one hand, what's so bad about spending rupees? On the other, I need to save em so I don't touch em.

    Personally, I doubt a bank system will be added, mostly because it's just another thing for Aikar to worry about coding into our amazing server. Just steer clear of any shops if you're trying to save rupees. That's all I gotta say :eek:
  17. i think an easier way to do this would be like rupee vouchers from the shop that can be redeemed back to the shop, just an easy way to get the money out of your account so that even people with one account can have a shop and still save for something
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  18. People would then loose them and then complain....
  19. Hmm true, would take less code then another account
  20. its like loosing a wallet with cash in it, yes people will complain, but it will make people more responsable for life