[SUGGESTION] Vault Voucher warning

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by Astromath1959, Mar 16, 2024.

  1. I just lost a vault voucher because I wasn't in town when I used it. Therefore, my suggestion is to have a warning come up when you are about to use the voucher. Or, better yet, trying to use the voucher outside of town just cannot be done.

    I think this can apply with the stable vouchers as well.
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  2. What do you mean you lost it?
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  3. Do you have a new vault page?
  4. I can confirm that you would have received the extra vault page and a message would have said that. You would also have received an error message telling you that you cannot open the vault outside of town.
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  5. I did get the error message, but it also deleted the new vault page.
  6. Are you sure you just didn't remember the wrong number of vault pages you had *before* redeeming the voucher? I often forget exactly how many pages I have.
  7. I'm sure. If redeeming the voucher is not allowed outside of town, then it wouldn't have worked. I also looked around on the ground in case it got dropped. Nope. I lost it.
  8. I will check on this when I have time :)

  9. Vault vouchers appear to work as intended whilst in the wild. You can redeem them for an extra vault page you are just unable to access the vault whilst in the wild. If this wasn't what you experienced then I genuinely have no clue but figured I would add that vault vouchers are redeemable in the wild.
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  10. I have written code to improve the messaging after using a vault voucher in the wild.

    You would have gotten the new page. You just can't open it out there.
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