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  1. My idea is simple- a command.
    the command would be /vault view and would simply let you see inside your vault but not take anything out.
    Some of you will say,"This will take a bunch of coding and is worthless"
    It's already been implemented in the promo commands.
    The instructions in the box are a piece of paper and no matter how hard you try you can't get it out.
    That's my suggestion ^_^
    It would help a lot of people so they wouldn't have to waste money going into their vault.
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  2. Yessss please!
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  3. hmm... I like the idea, but what exactly is the use and purpose of it? Now, if you could /vaultgive someone an item (or a stack) that would be cool. :p
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  4. This is in case you don't check your vault very often. You could do a free check and decide if you want to open it.
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  6. That would be super handy. I've wasted lots of rupees accidentally thinking there was something / wasn't anything in my vault.
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  7. Good idea... bump
  8. O_O Yes! Hate to be like "where did i leave this thing */vault 1 -10r, /vault 2 -10r, /vault 3 -10r* Well it wasn't in my vaults after all". >.<
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  9. this would definitely make sense to have with the addition of vault pages. and as you explained in the OP aikar could probably cannibalize the promo code to make a workable command. but i wonder what kind of hit this would cause lag wise.
  10. Aikar, just plez don't delay dragon tombs for this.
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  11. I think the point of the vault fee in the first place was to limit people opening their vault because it placed stress on the servers. Maybe that's irrelevant now with faster servers? If so, why not just remove the vault fee altogether.
  12. It encourages donations, as a dia supporter, you can get 50 vault pages. You need 5 to remove the fee. You can only have two as a non supporter.
  13. it was a deterrent from over use, but its also a rupee sink
  14. Sorry, this is one of our biggest rupee sinks (which are important to have for economy servers) and the amount of it is minuscule per person compared to how much it actually helps having. I don't see us adding this any time soon.
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  15. Maybe every 6 months say, you give away all the rupees paid for vault. Every 10r goes into some stash of rupees, and at the end of the 6 months someone gets a whole ton of money.
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  16. Then it wouldn't be a money sink because the rupees would stay in circulation.
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  17. Is it possible to tell what % of vault opens actually result in something being taken out or in?
    We already know how many paid opens there are in a month, thanks to Aikar, but is this data available?
  18. I don't think this is something the software tracks.
  19. It wouldn't make vault free,just lets you check what's in.I have personally wondered wether I left something in vault or not.