[Suggestion] Vault Lottery

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How many times a day do you use /vault

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1-2 19 vote(s) 44.2%
3-5 6 vote(s) 14.0%
5-10 6 vote(s) 14.0%
11-20 5 vote(s) 11.6%
21+ 7 vote(s) 16.3%
  1. When players use the vault it is like we are taking rupees and throwing them into a pit of fire. Unlike many commercial exchanges on EMC, vault permanently takes currency out of the Economy. I my self use Vault 10+ times a day. I am suggestion that Justin implements a lottery that takes half of the money used for /vault and gives it to one player and half to another player all at random to keep the money in circulation and to help out players that need that extra rupee for a brand new bicycle! All joking aside please post your thoughts and responses below, NO UNWARRANTED MEMES WITH NOT BACKING OF THOUGHT OUT WORDS. That means you Mr. Bear.
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  2. O love this idea. Truffle approved!
  3. Thats the point of the vault fee, to take money away. Its a minor way to reduce inflation.
  4. Yes, this... It's one of EMC's few rupee sinks, where rupees exit the economy. We don't need to mess with it.
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  5. The vault fee is a burden on the player and shouldn't affect the economy
  6. Well it think that the vault fee is a great thing as it reduces how often the average player will use it. Making it so that the money taken for using the vault is given back to random people would really help anything. It would cause some sore feelings for those that may never win and even more if someone wins it more than a few times. Also it is like a transfer fee that a bank charges you and you never see them offering any sort of lottery to give all that money back to some random person. I can understand the thought behind this, but I don't think it is something that is doable... Another thing is it may increase the lag on the servers as then they would have to generate a mod to track all that money and store it, and then come up with some way to set up the lottery and then a way to auto pay the winners..sounds like more work than it would be worth to me.
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  7. Interesting idea. But I think that 10r is a small price to pay to use the vault. Of course, I rarely use it, but still.
  8. ^^^^^^^A lot of what he said haha. If you are going to have extra storage room, basically a very large backpack, you are going to have to pay for it. That is, until the shop update comes out, and a new way to destroy rupees is put in place.

    Edit: Lol, fail. I meant two posts up:p
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  9. I support.
  10. I don't think that this is a good idea, the reason the vault fee is to stop inflation. Every day you get in-between 100 and 1300r a day, if there were not things that consumed rupees and didn't re-circulate them the whole EMC economy would collapse. The vault fee is one of the 3 things that consumes rupees, the other two are chest lock, and the /shop. Considering most people don't use chest lock or /shop much, the vault is the most important one of the 3. I think giving back the vault fee as a lottery is a bad idea
  11. I really do not like it. The player is receiving rupees for nothing. The way you earn rupees is to work for them, not randomly receiving them from some player you don't know who opened up his vault.
    The catch of the vault is to take rupees from you. Aikar is planning to add a small tax when you sell items also. It's a way to stop your rupee bonus clogging up.
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  12. Sells Diamonds for 1r.
    1r tax.
  13. First of all, Vault fees: its 10-20r fee (once to open to put stuff in and again to retrieve it) and you can put way more stuff in there value wise. Just take something in there that you can sell at the other end and cover your costs if it worries you that much :eek:......Otherwise just suck it up.

    Tax!!! This is a terrible idea!!! I pay enough tax in RL!!! What's next, we have to hire a fleet of MC accountants to handle our tax returns :rolleyes: Plus people would just avoid the shops and 'gift' stuff to each other and the other person would just 'gift' them some rupees....totally unrelated of course:p
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  14. Yes Aikar did say that he was planning on adding a tax but this was not intended for sign shops. What the tax was going to implemented into was a new system for buying through the chat. This tax fee was intended to act in the same way the vault does; burden the player! This was because it would be an easier way of buying items but you could always just go to the shop and buy through clicking on the sign without a tax. So just to confirm: You would receive a tax for buying items through an easy system or you could buy without a tax like you already do.
    There was never to be a tax for sellers only buyers of whom were being lazy.
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  15. I don't think that this should be added, Biscuit, because we can get money that just comes out of nowhere from voting.
  16. This.

    The vault is designed to drain rupees from the economy. Lots more drains are on the way (though they will be for awesome things). The fact is ~ a million rupees a day can enter the system (depending on regular member logins that day) and there has to be methods to drain it back out.
  17. In short, the vault is intended to drain rupees from the economy, and stored on, i'm guessing, an ICC alt. And then those rupees will be sent out on awesome things in the future.
  18. It's actually a fixed price of 10r no matter what you put in it. And a tax when you buy/sell items from the new upcoming shop system, that may cost 10r also.

    Any typos, grammatical errors, or puncuation or spelling failures I have made don't count right now. I'm groggy and woke up 5 minutes ago.