[SUGGESTION] Utopia voucher

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Is this a good idea

YES definitely! 4 vote(s) 28.6%
Yes 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Maybe 1 vote(s) 7.1%
Not Really 1 vote(s) 7.1%
No Way! 7 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. Going along with res vouchers, I thought it would be cool to be able to have more than one utopia res. So why not make vouchers for them. They would be very helpful for large shops and malls as farming reses and other stuff. Another suggestion by caden672. :D

    Here is link to the res voucher idea

  2. No. We have had problems before where Utopia filled up, no more open residences. If it fills up again, then what would we do?
  3. Nonononono.

    There is absolutely no need for this. Having more than one Utopian residence is too much.
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  4. Maybe the amount of Utopia vouchers could only be 1/10 of the open reses and they are all assigned a certain res number.
  5. Then we have the issue of "I wasn't awake when they were put up for sale." If a voucher sale system is to be put up, it should be fair to all. Plus, there are only 31 residences open on Utopia currently, so this voucher system wouldn't reach far at all if we only took in today's numbers.
  6. I have a quick question is it possible to make more reses?

    Also if it is not possible then so be it, but that is still 3.33 reses avalible for voucher sale. The voucher selling system would be like the stable voucherand vault voucher system.
  7. While it is possible to build more residences, they would all have to be worked into the numbering system, and they would not be able to conflict with the future plan of having another town (with different res sizes) on each server (the numbers couldn't conflict).

    We will be generous when rounding. Four residences are not worth making a system for to be honest. I would rather see them handed out personally as prizes instead of a sale.