[SUGGESTION] Res Vouchers

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Is this a good idea

Yes 8 vote(s) 53.3%
No 7 vote(s) 46.7%
  1. I am a Diamond supporter so I can have up to 4 reses. Some people cant though so i thought originally that a utopia voucher would be cool, then i relized some people cant get more than one res. So i thought i would put a suggestion that for people that cap their alloted amount, the can get another res. Just another idea. :D

    Utopia Res Voucher Link Below

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  2. I like it.
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  3. Well, this would be a big no no for me. Getting more residences is one of the main reasons people BUY supporterships.

    Also, if some people cannot BUY supporterships with real MONEY, just buy one with rupees from a Supportership dealer.
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  4. Considering additional res's are one of the best benefits of supporter ranks, they would have to be very expensive for it to make sense. Not to mention, due to limitations, it may not necessarily be the best idea for someone to hog up even more res's. There would have to be a hard limit on them somewhere. So use of these would have to be very limited.
  5. Now ok. Well what if it was just for supporter use only? It would make no market for them.
    What if based on how long you have been a supporter you get like a new res every like year or something like that
  6. Multiple residences is already a perk for supportership, why add even MORE residences?
  7. Maybe someone needs to make a farm res if they dont have room on any of the other reses they own. Maybe they want one res on each server. Hundreds of reasons are out there. Maybe they need more room to breed entities like my farm res has "too many" so i want to make another one but i have no where to put it.
  8. Which is why alternate accounts exist, and why Utopian residences are 120x120. Big enough for any farm you have.
  9. Really the only downside to this is that the Empire doesn't have unlimited residences. Sure we have tons, but we have tons of new players every day, and we need to leave options open so we don't run completely out of residences. Breathing room, so to speak.
  10. If only so many Vouchers were made with assigned reses it would work fine... maybe. Also if there were only so many assigned to unused reses then there would still be enough room for people to join EMC and people to get more reses.
  11. Somebody give me a plus for this. I cannot find one.

    You can currently purchase supportership with in-game money and rupees.
    4 residences is more than enough to build whatever you need, for some it is 3 residences and a Utopian res.
  12. I believe this has been suggested and denied before, the list seems to be a bit outdated though.
  13. A lot i think.