[Suggestion] Using Tokens to buy Soulbound / Unbreakable

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by MrMemeDaddy, Aug 12, 2015.

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  1. I just thought it would be cool if we could make items soulbound or any other benefits (like unbreakable) by spending tokens on them. They would have to be quite expensive so the system isn't abused so I would recommend 2,000 tokens for Soulbound (or 5,000 if you allow repairs to the item so it can be fixed and isn't "final"). and 10,000 tokens for Unbreakable. This is only a suggestion so feel free to change the details as see fit.
  2. +1 for soulbound not sure about unbreakable though
  3. +1 But this is probably not gonna happen cause soul bound / unbreakable items are only for promos, voter gear , and special items.
  4. I don't see it happening, but it'd sure be nice. :(
    +1 from me.
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  5. I've seen this sort of thing suggested in the past, but for rupee amounts rather than tokens... While this idea would be better than rupees, I still think that we should keep soulbound and unbreakable to voting items and other special items/promos :)
  6. -1 for unbreakable. One pick for the rest of your life? That's too overpowered.
    +0 for soulbound. It'd have to come with final, too, or it would be overpowered.
  7. I'm starting to question the context of this "Overpowered" stuff.
    I mean, on the one paw, I absolutely agree that those two have a substantial impact on the wilderness / survival experience. However, we already have voter's tools that are good for almost everything except silk touch. Not perfect, but good enough for virtually everything except mining obsidian.

    On the other paw, I suspect I'm not alone in thinking it'd be nice to have a set of "lifetime" equipment on my home/residence server (SMP8) for those occasional trips into the wild (frontier or wastelands), where the survival and economy aspects just aren't as important.

    Here's a thought:
    Since Voter's gear is already empowered with these stats, voting bonuses > 300+ could periodically (rarely) include a "Soulbound" or "Unbreakable" enchant book which can be applied to an item of the user's choice. That way it remains a voting perk, but still allows the player some freedom in what to apply it to.
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  8. This, so Much this.
  9. Voters gear is not overpowered in my opinion because, well, it sucks. No tools are instant-mine of any block, and the armor is very, very weak. Now compared to a set of maxed-out enchanted armor, tools, and weapons - it eliminates the need for vote bonus items entirely, because they're terrible matched up against god gear.

    It would be nice in that situation, but being able to apply unbreakable to any object at any time still exceeds the "overpowered" line in my opinion. Tou'll only need one set of armor, two picks, three swords, two shovels, and one axe forever. You'll never have to repair another tool, or buy another set of armor. For people who frequently visit the wild, or even live there, (even to do a bit of mining) that's very OP.
  10. I knew I shouldn't have refreshed the new supporters page (no spam <whistles>) and comment ;) Because more distractions always find me ;)

    First I'd like to comment that a somewhat similar suggestion has been made before; not about using tokens but about the ability to create custom soulbound items. Might be interesting to read that discussion as well.

    I think custom Soulbound items could be an interesting idea but most definitely not in combination with the Unbreaking enchant because I think that would seriously unbalance things. I mean; it would take away the temptation to vote which gets you voters gear which is in pretty high demand (just check the auctions) and in my opinion for a pretty good reason too.

    With unbalance I'm mostly referring to: "what does the player get and what does EMC get in return?". When we vote we help the server get more attention and as a reward we get the voters gear. But using tokens to obtain custom soulbound items could seriously unbalance things when they're also Unbreakable. With the voters gear you don't have the maxed out specs like Efficiency V or Sharpness V and such (but still Fortune III / Looting III) but in return you got an infinite usable tool. That balances things out a little.

    I think Penguin gives a very good example up there: some love voters gear (like I do, I use it all the time) while others want higher specs. I prefer durability / last ability over speed but others have different priorities. As such it balances things out.

    You won't get that same balance if you allow someone to "Soulbound" a God sword for infinity (with Unbreakable).

    But something like Kephras suggested up there could definitely work I think; allow players to apply Soulbound and Final to a custom item so that they can (temporarily) use that specific item to a higher potential.
  11. Unbreakable and soul bound armour would ruin mob arena... Just fill your inventory with it because it would never go away.
  12. This would take away so much value of the Promo Armour and Tools. It is also Way over powered, and the voters already have it.

  13. Oh god I hope so. I remember when the 60k items came out and they were big deal because "promos" were actually something rare and special you almost never saw. Now it seems like there's some fancy new item almost every month and you can't log in for a week afterwards without hearing buy/sell spam for the damned thing.

    So yeah. Promo "value" can go straight to hell, and I will cheer emphatically as I watch it burn in the flames of the underworld.
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  14. Would have to agree on the unbreaking but soulbound +1

    Rember penguin, Minecraft added ways to make repairs higher. If that doesn't suit you then yes final is the option but being able to enchat it more with enchantment books.

    Promos are truly over hyped tools which have the better enchants. (My opinion of course) Let's see... A ore buster a 2013 promo best pick in emc as it states in wiki. If we do add a addition of soul bound enchants, There will be no loss of value of that pick what so ever due to its enchants. You can not beat efficiency 6 and fortune 5. Just my statement there.
  15. "Cough Cough Unbreakable Ore Buster Cough Cough"
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  16. I think it's worth noting that any "promo" item already has Final as an attribute, so even if this were accepted in some form, you're still not going to have an infinite-use Ore Buster or anything of that nature.
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  17. I love the idea but... :/ I see where the voter's gear really does give emc something and doesn't utterly imbalance the game. Maybe more realistic - more voter's gear for the vote streaks going above where it is at now? A voter's silk pick that only has silk and efficiency I maybe? Same for silk shovel and axe and shears. Some of the older players have vote streaks that far exceed the current voting reward caps. There could also be other unique items for say 1000 vote streak. eh, just some thoughts, cheers :)
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