[Suggestion] Un-italicize mob heads

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  1. This has bothered me greatly ever since it was implemented. Why was it italicized in the first place? Have normal writing would make it much more prettier and it would be impossible to scam somebody. (It is already pretty rare to get head-scammed, but still, I needed another reason)
  2. ask mojang, we didnt change anything...

    I am going to be adding the owners name into the lore soon to prevent fakes.
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  3. Simply put, it is because heads are treated as they were renamed in an anvil.
    That being said:

    He literally did not; this is exactly the same way (head, or any item) renaming works in Vanilla Minecraft~
  4. I believe you are referring to the mob heads that drop when you kill a skeleton/creeper/etc in the wild.

    That is because of the MHF_Skeleton name not looking so pretty to look at. It is autorenamed to be Skeleton Head as if you placed it in an anvil. Broken ones from issues we've had in the past show the full MHF name.
  5. Why not color them white? Then no italics, and impossible to fake in vanilla!
  6. He?

    You may want to edit your posts instead of double posting.
  7. I never noticed this until now........yeah idk why mob heads have to be italicized. Good observation ;) :p
  8. I am speaking that items like the Turkey Slicer or Dragon Stones are not italicized and have normal lettering (aside from color), but heads that drop from mobs (The MHF) have italicized lettering.
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  9. I deleted my second post less than 3 minutes after the accidental double post, sorry!
  10. I understand why this happens, but I don't understand why it can't be fixed. As SkyDragon said: promos are also unitalicized, why can heads not be? Is it because promos need to be created manually, and head drops are automatic?
  11. It would require actually manually changing the NBT values (Like promos), instead of renaming the heads that way. it's a lot of extra work just for mob heads.
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