[SUGGESTION] Two suggestions for residence flags

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Dufne, May 29, 2016.

  1. Suggestion 1: Don't allow admins to remove their own flags (or set a confirmation box)
    When a player has +admin on a residence, they can modify flags. This means they can also remove their own flags (which I may or may not have done) Now, this leads me to my second suggestion

    Suggestion 2: Being able to set residence flags from the wild
    The alt I used to claim a residence is normally in the wild on the same server their home was on. Once I owned the residence I wanted, I went back out to the wild base I was at (8k~ block rail in the nether, so not exactly the best to constantly be running back and forth from) I tried doing /res pset (resnumber) Dufne admin true after I accidentally removed my own flags, but I got an error message that said the residence could not be found.

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  2. The first doesn't really effect me much but the second would be awesome
  3. you are missing the exclamation mark before the number:

    /res pset !number Dufne admin t
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  4. You are wonderful <3 Why do you need the ! though? :p Makes nubs like me confused
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  5. cause people have names that start with numbers... so it reads it like this:
    res pset: command
    #####: player
    Dufne: flag
    admin: flag state(true, remove or false)
    true: random text that doesnt count
    /res pset (resnumber) Dufne admin true
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  6. Sorry but a -1 on your first suggestion, I strongly disagree. If an admin can do all things on a residence they should also be allowed to remove their own flag.

    You might have guessed it: it's what I have often done myself, but not in error but because I didn't need it any longer and I don't feel comfortable with admin on a strangers res (and for the only reason because I was helping him build something).