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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by xXBuffa1oXx, Jul 28, 2015.

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  1. The recently active threads feed seems to be at least half made up of auctions. If we had two different feeds, one for threads posted in the Auction forum thread, and one for posts from other threads, it would reduce clutter and let players see more posts that are interesting.
  2. This suggestion has been made before, I seem to recall that it was Kephras who made it but I am not 100% sure. Even so; a repeat doesn't hurt and I fully agree. In many cases auctions totally seem to overshadow other threads, mostly because there are more auctions (it seems).

    +1 from me, if a filter could be applied it'd be awesome.

    (edit): Yups, with things like these my memory hardly fails me. Found that other thread.
  3. Odd. I could have sworn we replied to that other one....

    I've looked all over for a way to do this. Not currently an option. Sorry.
  4. It would be fantastic. x7mx yes I agree. But
  5. Impossible to do unless you have PHP and internal Xenforo knowledge. Otherwise; it'd be relatively easy.
  6. *Aikar and I have looked all over for a way to do this

    It's not possible with the current xenforo system.
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  7. Queue "we need to update the site asap" debate. :p
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  8. Can't you just ask the auction pages nicely not to show up there? I think they'd understand.

    If not, you can make Aphaea filter them all. She has plenty of time. :D
  9. Much as I'd love to see that happen, it won't. Aikar tried it once and all the auctioneers complained because bidding / participation dropped off sharply (or so they claimed).
    Believe me, I'm sick to death of seeing [Auction] threads spamming out actual discussion topics, but there's nothing to be done about it right now. :(
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  10. Unless... Not sure, this is just an idea just popping in: what would happen if auctions were to be bumped at lower pases than non-auction threads?

    I'm just thinking as I write along: the amount of auction threads is higher, and in some cases also more active (a bid is quicker made than a post like this). After that period people can bump every 3 hours.

    A thread like this is by far as active as an auction. The main difference is that it might go on longer than an auction but for that it has to be noticed.

    But on the downside; to be honest, if there's one thing I dislike its seeing a thread which nothing but 'bump' messages. It makes it look sloppy.

    I think the best options we have are still the what's new pages in combination with the watched threads option. At least that's how I keep track of all this.
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