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  1. Today I remembered I had a twitter account >_< I wanted to start following EMC on it, since I'm hoping to utilize twitter more. The only link I could find on the site was in the wiki, under community. I
    already checked to see if this suggestion had ever been made before and didn't see anything close to it mentioned. So I was wondering if Xenforo would allow you to place links to your social media sites on the front page somewhere?

    Also a quick question.. does EMC have, or ever will consider having, a Pinterest account? I get so many good ideas for my builds from there.
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  2. We need to put it under Partners and Friends or something. I have some stuff that needs to be updated by aikar so i'll poke him =)
  3. lol now there's something! A dragon poking a sleeping human :p

    But honestly thanks! That was a super quick reply there! :D
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  4. At least it wasn't my hook :p
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  5. Speaking of facebook and twitter. I use both but of them. I also follow EMC on both sites, however EMC isn't very social on these social sites. I'd like to see daily tweets and daily posts from EMC on these two sites. Make them different let the normal stuff be posted on both but spice the socialness up a bit.
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  6. Have you not seen the pages in the last two weeks?
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  7. There are daily posts on Twitter at least... for example, I came home today with this amazing tweet on my timeline:

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  8. im going to add icons to footer soon as i get to it., as well as under Community
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  9. Perfect! thank you very much ^_^ That's where I actually looked for them to begin with.