[SUGGESTION] Twitch Team or Livestream Team

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  1. If you don't know what Twitch is, the link is here.

    So since we have the YouTube team, maybe we can have a Twitch team or possibly just a livestreaming team (since we have other platforms like YouTube Gaming, UStream, Mobcrush etc.)

    The Twitch/Livestream team can livestream EMC events or just stream for fun doing random stuff on the server.

    To apply, you could add a promotional advertisement/watermark for before your stream actually starts, or add one on the 'offline' screen when you aren't streaming.

    So obviously this is just a suggestion and I won't be expecting this to come but if it is added, I will be happy :)

    What are your thoughts? Liked it or hated it? :p
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  2. Sounds like a great idea.
  3. Sounds good, but it would be a tough chance to find a good amount of people that the staff deem to be worthy of the title, have a 5 megabit or higher upload speed, have a beefy enough computer to maintain a solid frame rate while streaming and encoding the video as it goes up, and are good entertainers.

    I'm not saying those people don't exist on EMC, but they are few and far between so if we're going to try to make an entire team out of it it would be really hard to get people on it. I think it'd be better for a few people that fit the above make their own individual streams and do it that way rather than have official streamers.
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  4. I think this would be a great idea! but as xhero_der said it would be hard to find a good amount of people that the staff deem to be worthy for this title but I hope everything works out for you!
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  5. I intend to eventually do some livestreaming - just setting it all up is a HUGE pain (and of course my stuff like music licences don't carry over from YouTube >_>) and then making sure it all works is an even bigger pain. :)

    You need REALLY good internet to livestream - even if you can watch YouTube at 1080p 60fps, it still might be enough, so there's probably not that many people even able to do it - never mind the amount of power your PC needs to have to be able to encode in realtime (hint: it's a lot).
  6. There shouln't be a new group.Why not rename youtube team to Broadcasting team? I would be confused if there was two teams basicly doing the same thing Giving out commentary
  7. ^
  8. Nice name.

  9. I support this idea. But I don't think it should be a set group of certain people, it should just be whoever wants to stream. Of course there will be one guy who coordinates everything. For example, when that guy wants to stream, he can just online and ask everyone who wants to join his stream. Or he can invite whoever he wants to invite.
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  10. I may be wrong but i have never seen the youtube team in use. I may be wrong and im just not seeing the content but im pretty sure the aren't in use. Maybe some of the youtube team can do that?
  11. Yeah, I was thinking that too.
  12. Then that should of been your suggestion xD

    But you need to go into consensus with changing the name. The whole youtube team must agree upon it and get staff to change it on fourms.
  13. The Youtube team is currently undergoing some major changes, one of which likely has to do with this thread =P. Read more about it in the September News coming out this week once my IRL visiting lab director leaves the state...
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  14. Those IRL visiting lab directors, up to no good.
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  15. Stream Team pls