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  1. Hello EMC'ers! I'd like to thank ShelLuser for saying the idea in the comments. Decided to post the thread for you guys, saving him the trouble :)

    He thinks that in the tutorial they should add "some players you will encounter on EMC". For instance, Krysyy, RainbowChin, BlinkyBinky, ShelLuser, AyanamiKun, and more.

    To: ShelLuser
  2. I need to explain a few things here, this wasn't really a serious suggestion ;)

    A new player got stuck in the tutorial and Tower mentioned that we should head in to help him. The player had already left but we decided to enter and have some fun anyway, esp. when Tower mentioned that he was being followed. Which led to us being a bit silly ;) Porkus also joined us and well:

    We went a bit crazy ;) talking about how Momentus got out of his cage and was going to eat everyone (there's no Momentus in the tutorial on SMP2), I dropped some stuff on new players and yah ;)

    Then we started talking about how the tutorial needed to include us as well ;)

    And that's where this came from, but it wasn't anything serious (although I guess the tutorial could use a statue of CallMeTower, xXPorkusXx, HelloKittyRo and myself :D )
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  3. From the looks of it, it is a joke.

    But if Kitty is being serious, -1. It appears as favoring players.
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  4. True, but it can also be players that play a lot.
    he never told me it was a joke.
    and yes, it could :) JK