[Suggestion] Tutorial Book item for new players

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by RandomZh, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. Wouldn't it be nice for new players to automatically have a Written Book in inventory, which explains a lot about how EMC works?
    E.g. Basic commands, eventually detailed commands per topics, Worlds, Rules, Supporter Upgrades, Votes, Web site (+registration), etc. May be the first page acts as a page index? (Don't forget a version/edition number for future changes in the book text.)
    This could be very handy.
  2. This could work i guess, but then again, for newcomers, they will get a book to read about what EMC is. I think it is better as they travel through what it is, more visuales, wrather then a book. (Just my opinion)
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  3. well I think random is saying tutorial will still be there, but for those who skip the tutorial there should be a book explaining everything for them.
  4. Or we could you know... GET RID OF THE SKIP FEATURE.
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  5. Won't solve any problems...

    I still see many members actually do the tutorial then still ask questions.

    Plus, the tutorial does not cover every element we have of EMC. The book is going to be the better solution.

    Book is on the near to do list already.
  6. I love this idea. It's unfortunate, though, because that is what the wiki is for, yet no one checks it out. At least not as many do as that should.
    This doesn't have much to do with this. This isn't about learning or going through the tutorial, it's about having a reference to help you out if you forget something, etc.
  7. I do not think players asking dumb questions is very visual.
  8. 1-add book with ALL EMC THINGS
    2-+1,000,000 due to my momentuses.
  9. So making an option to /skip the tutorial with flashing signs in every corner helps? :confused:
  10. I mean, there has already been a lot of effort put into the tutorial to help new players, but the book addition would sort of be like an extra reference for them to have whenever they want, plus it would be useful to those that skipped the tutorial.