Suggestion: turn off idle timeout during DDoS

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Jul 23, 2015.

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  1. Now, this suggestion is most likely a moot one because I'm well aware that the DDoS attack keeps people from logging onto EMC which unfortunately will also prevent the servers from filling up. But even so I am wondering if it is possible to turn off the idle time-out during the DDoS attack so that people don't have to worry about being kicked offline.

    (and yes, I know the daily reboot will also do just that, but hey... figured I could always ask ;))
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  2. It's a good idea, but honestly I don't think the DDoS will be an issue for that much longer. If you are persistant you can actually log in right now, because the session service does work for a few moments here and there.
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  3. Yes Please This Would Be Nice To Have, At Least While The Servers Are Under Attack From DDoSers.
  4. I think the reboot has been turned off for now, it normally happens around 9:30am for me that was 45 min ago. Things at Mojang seem to have caled down for now though, lets hope it stays that way. :)
  5. Idle time outs only happen when the server is close to full. If you were watching the server counts at 2 am... that was nowhere near the case. :p
  6. What penguin said... it wouldn't of kicked in.
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