[Suggestion] Transparent Players

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Good or Bad?

Good 16 vote(s) 94.1%
Bad 1 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. This could be a ps setting for the use of parkour or where there are crowds of players. This setting will allow you to see through players. Other servers have this setting, so why can't emc implement this too. This setting will reset every time you log on, so you won't have to change it again. Comment below.
  2. +1 I love this!
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  3. Sounds pretty good, I hate annoying players on parkour who won't jump to the next block already, +1 all the way!
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  4. If this gets implemented before invisible potion is usable, I will be a bit angered.
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  5. yep, it bugs me out. youre like at the last jump when suddenly someone becomes afk in front of you and you cant see where you are jumping.
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  6. This is because of poof's party last night, huh?

    I love the idea, though.
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  7. Haha, why? This makes everyone nearly invisible to you, not you nearly invisible to everyone. :p
  8. This could help +1 from me ;)
  9. One has been recently suggested.

    One has been blocked for a long time and has yet to be nerfed.
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  10. Good Idea +1 ;)