[SUGGESTION] Training arena

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So, what do you think?

Sounds nice! 3 vote(s) 30.0%
Not really. 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. This is a place for people from all over EMC to come to to slay as many mobs as they want whenever they want. It is completely safe (meaning that you cannot lose items). And there are no rewards, it's just to slay mobs here and there. Mobs would start spawning as soon as someone enters. The training arena allows in as many people as it's big enough to hold. And I would like it if there were several fighting rooms where the mobs spawn inside the training arena itself. You can get there by typing /training arena (/t arena for short). Aikar's smp1 res has something like this but a special puzzle is required to get in. So, we can create the training arena for the public to come in at will.

    Bonus section: Also, if this does become a reality (the following is not required), could the location please be on smp5 because that's where I'm from and I'm the one who came up with the idea? If that won't be necessary, then the developers and/or build team can just pretend that this bonus section isn't even here.

    Also, please consider leaving an answer in the poll above ^ everybody, so the staff will know weather or not the community likes/wants the idea.
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  2. I don't really see a use for it. You can easily access the wilderness to fight mobs all you like at any difficulty.
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  3. I agree with StoneSky. There really isn't a point in this.
  4. Probably wont happen cause they are busy working on the game server which might not ever come.
  5. Relax. I would assume you would be amazed at their previous big projects, like Dragon To- nvm. Erm, how about Dystop- nope.

    Er... We are on 1.8 at least. :p
  6. LOL seems nothing happens around here xD
  7. Just so Krysyy or Aikar don't jump in here, we do have the small but great changes. :D
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  8. I think he means something on the lines of mob arena, where there are waves of mobs that come at you and your friends, just without the risk of dying and losing your stuff and also not being IMPOSSIBLE to beat. And as you don't have the risk of losing items/durability of your items there would be no reward, it'd be just for fun.

    I agree with any mini game ideas that people have. They don't hurt the main purpose of the server (which is economy I guess) and people who don't like it can just not play it. Other servers have things like that just for the fun, without any rewards, so I don't see why EMC can't.
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  9. Something I had to create at my outpost, but it would be fun to have Player vs Entity anytime you want. Even inside the pvp arenas directly that you could toggle or something.

    *The blue writing is unreadable.
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  10. I'd say this is a great idea, but will the mobs drop stuff? And what mobs will spawn? Google+ for the Idea ;)