[SUGGESTION] Trade Signs For Shops

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  1. I was just thinking today as i was trying to trade my Lucky Bow for an Incantus (sorry if i spelled that wrong) and it occured to me what if i could just put a sign so when people find it they can do it without me being there. The problem is that for slot items ( promos,horses,ect.) they would not be able to be included but say i needed glass i could just put a trade sign that says 'First line: caden672
    Second line: Sandstone 64
    Third line: Glass 64'
    Like this post if you like the idea :D
    Shout out to 820327 you triggered something in my mind to think of this.
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  2. I am sure this is planned with Empire Credits and such, it could work with this too. Not so sure on the coding side though...

  3. I dont know a thing about coding:)
  4. Barely anybody does...
  5. I agree on this L:
  6. I know little about coding, but enough to know this is possible, but complicated. Anyway, I think it's a pretty good idea.
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  7. This is a great idea Caden we should do this good thinking :p
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  8. Lol:p
  9. I think this is pretty genius :)
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  10. I would think a the sign should be signified as a trade sign, and a ratio on some line.

    Trade Sign

    And for those who are worrying about how the coding would go; it's definitely possible. :/
  11. That is a good idea but I have seen multiple incidences on my smp4 if a ratio was added to the equation it would equal some bad incidents(Bad math pun), on the contrary my idea could also have that type of problem.

    Keep improving my idea with suggestions or ideas!
  12. i would be ok with this setup, not sure what items i would trade but would probably give it a shot.
  13. One problem:
    People would be confused by seeing just the item ID's.
    "Just put the names"
    Most names can barely fit on the signs alone.
  14. I actually like the ID way better. Just throw a sign above it explaining what is actually being traded and also have a warning similar to the [slot] warning and we would be fine.
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  15. It would require many Unique Item Id's... Simply because, even in the example, the OP is trading a special Promo Item, for a special Mob... I could not put the ID for a horse egg, and accept the ID for a bow... or even an enchanted bow. This is not me saying the idea is bad, this is me saying thoughts out loud. Because of the array of unique EMC items, it creates a need for almost an entirely unique Item Id system for something like this to work.
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  16. Great idea :3
    +2.5 (Im cool that way)
    Maybe the trading system could just be for the vanilla minecraft blocks and items :3
  17. Why make a system.. if it does not globally work? It would be better to work harder and make something that works with everything, than be lazy, and make something just cos its cool.
  18. firstly for this you wouldn't need your name at the top ... it's already in the chest and shouldn't be based off of a name...

    I tried coming up with possible ways to make examples, but simply they are too hard ... and the only ones that would work would be too complicated for normal individuals to figure out....

    you'd need to 'at least' do the following for it to work successfully

    say what the sign is .. possibly [trade]

    say what the item (or items) you want to give away would be ... for more than one you'd need to specify an array of slots ... like [Slot:1]-[Slot:7]

    say what the items you want to receive would be ... for this to work is the hardest part ... yeah you can type id's ... but [slots] how can you specify what item you want by using slot if there is no item in the slot to begin with ... and promos would have to be added to a special id list and have them listed on a wiki for players to know what to type.

    and if you want to receive more than one you'd also need an array of id's

    also* you'd need to be able to specify how many of each things you want to give away or receive would be ... perhaps by saying G (number): ...and T (number): ... in front of each slot or id ... to say how many you want to give away or take.

    now you can see why it would be difficult to fit on a sign :p

    it's a good idea none-the-less ... and i would totally use it, but the complexity of it is outside of my grasp at the moment.


    one thing I can think of ... is for you to have a sell sign set up, and have a comparator attached to the chest that leads to a dropper filled with the items you want to trade, that would put it in an access chest nearby ... but then you'd also need to have it so they couldn't sell you stuff if your dropper was empty to begin with, or else it would be an unfair trade

    so maybe if all the promos receive their own unique id ... then this might be a possible sign:

    G 40: T 1
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  19. Cause #yoloswag

    That makes sense :)
  20. #Eklekti4pres :D
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