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  1. Sometimes I want to know how the TPS is fluctuating, but I do not want to spam the command.

    So I would like to be able to hit TAB and see the number in the top corner or something.
  2. +1, my internet likes to mess with me so I am constantly checking my TPS
  3. +1 I would like to not have my chat spammed with tps commands, also maybe your ping?
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  4. Should be a great idea but it's not that hard to type /tps

  5. I don't think its hard to type /tps, but it does spam your chat when you use it a lot which I think is the reason for this post
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  6. I like the idea, but I'm not sure it would be possible to display a live TPS due to the way the tab display works. It could, however, be delayed a few minutes.
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  7. I don't if this uses the same logic, but the tab list updates automatically when a player leaves or joins a server. Wouldn't the live tps work the same way?
  8. Maybe have it update every 10 seconds maybe?
  9. I think 10 minutes would be pushing it in terms or load on servers. However, I'm not exactly sure how EMC puts their information in, so it could be more frequently.

    The header and footer of the tab list is updated independently to the player list. Usually it would only be updated on server start and maybe a few times in-between restarts.
  10. while nice in theory, its too tricky. Tab List header/footer is handled on the BungeeCord level, not server level.

    While its possible to do, it would take more work than I really feel is worth.
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  11. I know that the scoreboard contains all of the groups, but would it be possible to put the tps in there?
  12. TPS is not something id want to put in your face 24/7.... Ideally TPS is 20, so having something that 99% of the time is in a good state forced in your face isn't needed.

    Plus, we don't even have a scoreboard infrastructure yet, and I rather not show it just for a single line of text.
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  13. Bam, scoreboard infrastructure suggestion:
    • Current Server
    • TPS
    • -------
    • Rupees #
    • Tokens #
    • Mail #
  14. I don't like the idea of seeing a scoreboard on the right. That is good for PvP/Minigames servers, but on a survival server it'd just get annoying.
  15. Along with Online Friends #
  16. That's not infrastructure... That is what you want to see. The infrastructure would be the backend work so you could simply say the following.

    addLine("CurrentServer: " + getCurrentServer());
    addLine("TPS: " + getCurrentTPS());
    addLine("Rupees: " + getRupees(player));
    addLine("Tokens: " + getTokens(player));
    addLine("Mail: " + getNumberOfMail(player));
    addLine("Online Friends: " + getNumberFriends(player));
    ^That stuff is easy. Add a bit of color to it. That took me like a minute to type. Now making that magically do what I want, keep updated constantly, etc. That is the back-end infrastructure that we have not developed yet in a way that works reliably without causing excessive lag to the server. At no point did we say it is impossible, or could never happen. But we have not used our time towards such projects yet, and is not really near the top of the priority lists.
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  17. Fair enough.
    +1 for chickeneer being awesome
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  18. Here.

    infrastructure = Infrastructure::Develop();
    scoreboard = infrastructure.MakeScoreboardyStuff();
    Ship it.
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  19. I'm going to need that source code. But I'll give you props, made me smile.
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  20. Didn't catch this the first time I read through the thread, but tps is server side, so your internet would have nothing to do with it.

    You shouldn't be checking tps, you should be checking /ping.
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