[suggestion] this culd change emc 4ever

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  1. tekkit mod for emc wuld epic. like this post if u agree look it up on youtube yogcast uses and awesom versoin of like this but it is a wicked mod pack they use. it looks awesome. im not sure if emc will do this if they do it will proly happen in like a year.
  2. Firstly. Why did Google Chrome think this page was in German??

    Secondly, This would NEVER happen on EMC, EE2 in Tekkit is way to overpowered. It would destroy the server.
  3. Yes, it would change EMC forever. Just not in a good way.
  4. What is tekkit?
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  5. Tekkit is not 100% out of the question, but it would not be on an SMP Server.

    the smpX.empire.us servers will always remain 'french vanilla' (its what were calling our server now lol), however we are looking into opening more specialty servers

    PVP is one thing that we are for sure doing. I've already fully brainstormed the gameplan on that almost completely done, just got to put the effort to actually developing it according to the specs.

    Dystopia is another server type that has been talked about. I don't remember full details, but think about a crazier, harder "hardcore" type server, where its very cut throat. Search forums for some old threads on it. Nothing fully planned for that yet, but its something justin has talked about and likely can happen.

    Tekkit... It's been suggested multiple times, and I did some initial work to test feasability of Tekkit for EMC. Note NONE of these special servers would be linked back to the SMP EMC's... they will be standalone 'alternative gameplay experiences'. So EE and such is not as big of a deal. My initial testing did not show good results performance wise, but I obviously did something wrong as many others have ran Tekkit servers without issues with lots of players... So its not out but NOWHERE on the current roadmap for investigating it... so it would be next year if it was even considered.

    We got alot planned to bring to EMC, mostly on the SMP side, so there will be plenty of new additions.
  6. If I may add my feedback to this idea.

    I don't think this is a very good thing to do, if the server adds PvP, it may be annoying to certain individuals, but if you change the server to a 'Hardcore PvP' server, it'll be hectic, alot of people will complain and end up leaving, such as myself, I don't enjoy children giggiling while they kill and raid a person.

    Ofcourse this is my opinion and it perhaps could be resolved if you make another world/realm for this Hardcore idea.
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  7. Geez hardcore would be really unforgiving. I'd probably be one of those people who died from fall damage xD
  8. if u read all the way he said those idea wuld be completely new servers
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  9. The PvP will be on another new server (as far as my understanding goes) so if you don't feel like participating then you don't have to. All the current SMP servers will stay as they currently are.
  10. Oh, I din't read that part.. How embarrasing xD
    Oh and, hi Jack :D
  11. An all night only wild server on hard, with no PvP would be awesome. So you could do nothing except fight mobs... just my idea, and it probably won't happen.
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  12. how many red lines were there under your words???
  13. alot but idc
  14. Another Tekkit thread?!? *pulls out hair in rage*
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  15. I had to do this.
    It took me a long time, but I couldn't stand it.
    Also, this would cause some lag but it would overall crumble and collaspe the EMC servers and community to ruins.
  16. 20 Errors in the main post as well.
  17. Do you do this on PURPOSE?
    If you do, I suggest please STOP it or at least correct some of your grammatical, spelling and capitalazation so that people could actually understand what you typed.
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  18. And I suppose we need this as well.

    No Bear.jpg
  19. God this was hard to read. Asking for likes, is against the rules, and no to Tekkit.
  20. Could've said it better myself.