[Suggestion] Stream Dragon Tombs For Charity

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Good idea?

Yes 9 vote(s) 90.0%
Naw 1 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. So, today, I got a random idea in my head:

    Suggest that Aikar and the other staff livestream the current state of the Dragon Tombs update.

    This livestream would go on until a charity target is met. If the money goes over the donation limit, an extra hour, if the staff can spare it, is added onto the livestream.

    Of course there would be breaks inbetween when the staff have to sleep :p (No, I don't care how much you want to see the tombs. The staff don't want you to have groggy and annoyed staff. They're not robots. Can't stress that enough :p)

    Ideas on what charity it could be for are welcome :3
  2. Do you mean watch them code or play it?

    If you mean play, I would rather not see them in an empty room with just 5 enraged zombies that are glitching out
  3. staff sleep?
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  4. I don't know, do you?
  5. Hmm... Why not have a EMCon stream but with a beta release of Dragon Tombs. I heard Aikar plans to do that, would be cool to see the staff start out rock bottom on a test server (not stage) and work their way up to DT. :p
    Is this what you mean soul? :p
    Oh, and uh... Maybe have a few people who donate get whitelisted on the server. ;)
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  6. I like the idea, could raise money for charity + teh people get wut dey wunt
  7. Susan g Komen fund! Perfect! I support this 100%.
  8. Yeah, to both of those :p
    If what Aikar says is real and he's not just trying to ruin the economy by making people too excited and never sell stuff, they won't be sat in a room with just five enraged zombies glitching out.