[Suggestion] Stop the tutorial from claiming a res for players whose IP is recognized by the server.

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  1. Lol maxed character count in title. Anyway!

    The tutorial obviously ends with the server auto-claiming a res for new players. I suggest that for IPs that have already been on EMC, the server doesn't claim one, and lets the new player have a free force-claim. I have a res all staked out for a new possible alt, but I don't want to have to pay anything for it. Now, all selfish reasoning aside, it would be more of a benefit to family/friends who want to be near each other, not randomly assigned to government subsidized eviction lots.

  2. Yeah, why not. I support.
  3. Support. This is a good idea.
  4. Bump, and... Yay, support. :)
  5. For a new player, you can claim a derelict residence for free within your first 3 hours.
    So not really a big deal for it to auto-claim. Just unclaim the residence it gives you.
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  6. As he said. You can simply un-claim it immediately, and the free force claim is already in place.
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  7. Actually you can't, at least not when Yallquit and I joined. He wanted to move his plot next to me but it said he had to wait an hour, that was right after joining.
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  8. I believe there is something in place to prevent new players from claiming derelict residences and immediatly unclaiming them.
  9. I made an alt and had to wait an hour to unclaim it. By the time the hour had passed I went to sleep, woke up the next day to see someone had already taken the derelict residence I wanted :/

    Well, the suggestion would be towards players that have already played this server. Being recognized by the IP address thus no new players will be able to unclaim the residences and giving already existing players the ability to choose their first after starting.
  10. Yes there is, but that wasn't exactly what I was talking about. When you first join you get a random res automatically, but you can't unclaim that res for an hour because it was 'recently claimed'. That same system applies to everything, if you claim or unclaim a res, you can't reclaim or unclaim that same res again for an hour, if it's open or derelict, doesn't matter.

    So the topic was about not giving people a claim automatically if it's a shared IP where Aikar said they can unclaim it, I was saying that wasn't true, because of that hour limit system.