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  1. Many players are confused about spawn eggs when they join EMC. I've seen questions such as "How do you get a spawn egg" and accusations such as "____ is hacking! He has spawn eggs!"

    I think it is time that they get a new item, not very special, but useful. It would be the following:

    Name: Starter Stick
    Right click a passive mob to eggify it.
    Free to use in Town, 100r in other worlds
    Note: Any stick has this ability.
  2. +1 there's all kinds of other starter gear, and people are easily confused like you said. I like this idea
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  3. +1 Good idea!
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  4. for the last line on the stick, should read, "this stick isn't special :D"
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  5. or "all sticks do this :D"
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  6. Good idea.
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  7. Great suggestion, SkyDragonv8!
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  8. I like it! But you know this means I will want one :p
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  9. Interesting idea, I like it! With this added line too...
    I think that it would be a positive change for the Empire :)
  10. I really like this idea! I shall join your campaign to add Starter Sticks to the Empire. :) I do believe that the Magical Eggcellent Wand would just love a new baby cousin as well. :p
  11. +potato great idea!

    When I first say this I was like...wow sky is at it again with a stick this time xD
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  12. Bump

    Cmon guys, let's stick it to the man!
  13. GG xD I hope i can stick around to hear a few more puns.
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  14. I may not stay around to hear some more animals, I really like it!
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  15. I like that you like it!
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  16. I love this idea!! I was once accused by someone for hacking:p
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  17. +1
    Aikar, start grinding out all the good suggestions made already xD
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