[Suggestion] St. Patrick's Day

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Like it or naw?

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  1. I have read many other suggestions for St. Pat's Day and I didn't find one that involved a Bliz Ard type of thing. I think there should be a Baby Zombie named "Leprechaun" and it would drop Gold, and other rares also would have a small chance at a promo for St. Pat's Day. It could have the message appear too when one spawns near you. He could also guard a "Pot O' Gold" What do you think about this idea?:D
  2. Good idea! Would be fun to hunt em down.
  3. Pls don't make it have incredibly high health and make it rare ;-;

    I need therapy sessions after we got that in consecutive holidays.
  4. I can safely say that while I do love this idea, a mob will not be accompanying the St. Patrick's Day holiday this year.
  5. Awwww. Maybe next year xD
  6. I need to time to recover from the carpal tunnel the Super Turkeys and Blizz Ards gave me... Cool idea though :D
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