[Suggestion] St. Patrick's Day Promo

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  1. As many of you know, St. Patrick's Day is a commonly celebrated holiday among EMC members. We have promos for many other holidays, so why not have one for good ole St. Patrick's sake?

    I thought it would be cool to have a "Luck of the Irish" Pickaxe with a special enchant only available in creative mode/promos such as Fortune 5 or something like that.

    xxfailmuchxx suggested a pickaxe much like the one above, but instead of Fortune, the pickaxe would have silk touch that gives 2 times the amount of ore mined.

    eviltoade also suggested a promo sword with Looting 4/5, which would also fit into "Luck of the Irish" :D

    We haven't had a promo pickaxe in a while, so a Luck of the Irish pickaxe/sword would be a nice addition to promos in circulation ;)

    If you have anything to say/add to this I would glad to have your input! Just post below :)
  2. Didn't we have a promo pickaxe for christmas? But anyways +1 more promos pls
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  3. Woo Hoo! I love the ideas :D Thanks for including me!
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  4. Remember to shoot krysyy a promo form to clear her headaches :D
  5. Yes, yes and oh.. Yes.
  6. This would be a terrific idea.

    Another idea I had is all about luck actually.
    The player gets a Saint Patty's Day Chest
    How lucky will ye be?

    Contents (Player receives 1 of them, outcome is random)
    • 16 Not Special Dirt 20%
    • Saint Patty's Day Promo 75%
    • A random promotional item (The random promo could be any promo from any time period) 5%
    Chests are not purchasable. Saint Patty's Day promo is buyable.

  7. Well I don't really like the first option. You get a chestpromo and all you get is dirt :p
  8. It's Not Special Dirt!
  9. This is a really cool idea! The only problem I see with this is certain players would get the Not-Special dirt and chat would be filled with people asking for refunds, or sharing their "unhappiness" with other players. This is a really good idea though, it adds and interesting, yet unique twist to a promo :D
  10. Well, how about they have a choice on the /promo screen for a shot at getting a different promotional item or choosing the St. Patrick's Day promotional item?
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  11. Thats a great idea! Did you submit a promo suggestion form for it?
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  12. Yes. :D
  13. +1 of that promo for everyone
  14. I love promos.
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